Why? Generosity.

I had an idea, which I ran past CLEguy (my partner in most things and now an unwitting blog character).  I told him one of my answers to “Why Cleveland?” was generosity.  And not just in an anecdotal way.  I said I bet we gave more to charities than people in other cities.  He asked what the blog would be about if the facts didn’t back that up.  Well, lucky for me, an answer to “Why Cleveland?” is most definitely generosity.

According to Charity Navigator, an organization that researches charities in order to better inform donors, the 39 largest charities in Cleveland are far exceeding the national average in total revenue and assets.  For 2010, total revenue was $8.6 million, outstripping the national average by $3.4 million.  Total assets stood at a staggering $30.8 million, beating the national average by $23.1 million.

Wow CLE!  In a time where Cleveland has been hit harder than most by the economic downturn, people are still recognizing need and giving where and when it counts.  It says a lot about the heart of a city when people can see beyond their own need to the needs of the whole.  And it definitely makes me proud to be able to say “generosity” as an answer to “Why Cleveland?”

For more info on Charity Navigator’s study and the 39 largest charities in Cleveland click here.

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