Why? Weekends!

Hope everyone has been enjoying the last weekend before Christmas!  Did you get your shopping done?  Bake cookies?  Trim the tree?

It seems this weekend for me centered around that most festive and mythical of CLE holiday traditions:

A very artsy Christmas Ale pic, courtesy of CLEguy

They do exist!  I know lots of you are having trouble locating this staple of CLE Christmas cheer.  For the uninitiated, of course I’m talking about Great Lakes Brewing Co.‘s Christmas Ale.  CLEguy and I enjoyed some on draft at Tradesman Tavern in Parma, as well as at a great party with CLEfriends.  Nothing says Christmas in the CLE like Christmas Ale!

Due to the above-referenced Christmas Ale, my holiday shopping has yet to be completed, so I will be dashing through the malls this week.

What new answers to why CLE did you discover this weekend?  Or what “why CLE” favorites did you revisit?

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    1. Good to know! I was at Great Lakes last night when the last keg of it ran out and they took down the Christmas Ale sign from the on-tap last. Sad!
      PS – Thanks on the blogroll!

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