Why CLE? Blog-olutions

Happy almost 2011!  Here’s hoping you enjoy a happy, healthy, and safe beginning to the new year!

I’m usually not one for resolutions and this year I’m embracing “focus words” for the year in my personal life.  But, I thought maybe I could use some blog-olutions – ways to enhance my CLE experience, the blog, or both.  I expect you all to keep me on task with these…and if they don’t work out, blog-olutions won’t be a recurring feature.

1. Sign up for a Twitter account and create a Facebook fan page for the blog.  Blog-promotion in 2011!  Here’s hoping CLEmom and CLEguy aren’t my only two followers.

2. Meet up in “real life” with some of the other fabulous CLE bloggers I follow.  Strength in numbers!

3. Take one of my personal goals (doing the Couch to 5K program) and turn it into a way to see more of CLE.  Takin’ it to the streets.

4. Volunteer with a CLE-based charity.  Suggestions welcomed.

5. Finally, finally, finally eat at Melt.  It’s just sad that I haven’t been there, given my love of CLE generally and cheesey things specifically.  While there are a lot of great restaurants I want to explore in 2011, Melt has been on my list forever.  Just ask CLEguy, who hears about this approximately every other day.

6. Spend a weekend at an Ohio City bed and breakfast.  I’m all about getaways in your own town – easy, affordable, and relaxing.  This B&B is topping the list, but any advice is welcomed.

7. Shop at least once a month at The West Side Market.

8. Attend more CLE cultural events (e.g., Cleveland Orchestra concerts, Tremont art walks, etc.)

9. Interview at least one CLE celeb for the blog.  Nominations welcomed, only if they come with a means of contacting said person and a likelihood of success.

10. Continue to daily discover new answers to “Why Cleveland?”

So, what are your CLE resolutions?

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  1. Best of luck in 2011, one of the best things about local
    blogging is the community. Thanks so much for the blog roll mention
    (you too Poise in Parma) Let me know any way I can help out! tweet

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