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Blog-olutions Update: Half of Blog-olution #1 has been accomplished this weekend – Why CLE? is now on Twitter.  You can check out the Twitter feed on the right side of the blog.  Click here to follow Why CLE? on Twitter.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled post…

One of my favorite things to do is introduce someone to one of my must-go-to CLE places.  This weekend, I got a chance to take CLEguy to Momocho for the first time.  Also along for the yummy-ness were CLEparents, who can’t get enough of Momocho.

Yet another CLE restaurant featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Momocho is located in Ohio City and serves up amazing “Mod Mex” food.  We started with the guacamole with pickled corn, chile chipotle, and crab, followed by duck taquitos with pomegranate ancho barbacoa sauce.  We were stuffed, but had to try the ginger snap and jalapeno bread pudding, which was absolutely fantastic.  Momocho never disappoints and I think CLEguy may have a new favorite place to go.  It was also wonderful to see that, despite the cold and snow, the restaurant was packed with happy CLE-ers.

On Saturday, CLEguy and I did a mini-getaway right in CLE.  We attended a party at the Wyndham Playhouse Square Cleveland and decided to make a small vacation out of it by spending the night at the hotel.  Mini-getaways in CLE are one of my favorite ways to experience the city.  You feel like you’re on vacation, but you’re in your own town.

CLEguy and I had a great time at the party, enjoying amazing food and playing lots of casino games.

Artsy Roulette Picture, courtesy of CLEguy

We even won a prize with our chips, which will be used for futher CLE adventures.

The service and the room at the Wyndham were fantastic.  I definitely recommend checking it out for your own mini-getaway.  With it’s location right near Playhouse Square, you could take in a show and spend the entire evening downtown.

To top it off, we were greeted with a sunny CLE morning today!

View from the hotel

It was a great weekend, with new and rediscovered answers to “Why Cleveland?”  What new answers did you find this weekend?

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