Why? Snow Fun!

It’s CLE.  It’s winter.  It snows.  Despite our tendency to forget this, these are the facts of life around these parts.  And that’s OK.  Because we’re hearty folk.  We’re used to weather.  In fact, we can even have fun with it.  So, in the face of the impending snow storm that I keep hearing is coming, here’s some fun winter answers (both indoor and outdoor) to “Why Cleveland?”

Boston Mills Brandywine – you can ski, snowboard, and tube just a bit south of the CLE – there’s even Midnight Madness sessions on select Fridays and Polar Blast snowtubing (the closest this CLEgal will get to the slopes)

Cleveland Metroparks Tobogganing – the Strongsville Metroparks hosts toboganning every weekend through March, after which you can warm up by the snack bar and fireplaces

Cross-country skiing – various Metroparks offer trails open for Nordic/cross-country skiing, which is one of the top calorie-burning exercises

Or just build one of these:

Random snowman from Google images, but perhaps from CLE

After getting out there and enjoying the cold, you’ll need something to warm you up.  Here’s this CLEgal’s favorite spots for winter comfort food, which I think CLE does better than anywhere else:

Sokolowski’s University Inn – traditional Polish food that sticks to your ribs (and other places)

The Diner on Clifton – great food that goes above and beyond standard diner fare

Whitey’s Booze N’ Burgers – not too far from Boston Mills Brandywine, Whitey’s cooks each burger to order and they are worth the wait

So, bundle up and enjoy the snow, then hunker down and warm up with some great food.  Winter fun (or even just turning lemons to lemonade) is another great answer to “Why Cleveland?”

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