Why? Friday Inspiration.

There’s been a lot of buzz the past couple of days about a certain former Cavs player and a certain tweet.  For more interesting, grammatically-correct, and CLE-positive tweets, you can follow me, by the way…

Seriously, though, LeBron kicked us when we were down, poured salt in an open wound, and all of those cliches.  And notice I said “us.”  His tweet didn’t just anger the Cavs organization, it hurt and angered CLE-ers.  One of the best answers to “Why Cleveland?” is how proud we are of our city – if nothing else, to the outside world.  The Cavs loss and LeBron’s tweet smacked as double humiliation on a national stage.  And we’ve already had plenty of national humiliation from LeBron.

So, how does all this relate to Friday Inspiration?  No matter what else can be said about him, LeBron inspired the city.  He gave us someone to cheer for, to rally around, to be proud of on that national stage.  And we haven’t quite found a replacement for him yet.  I don’t mean in the Cavs organization.  CLE hasn’t found the next person to act as a catalyst, to inspire and energize us, to unite the city behind a common cause.

But it really shouldn’t be that hard.  There’s inspiration around us every day – in the people who teach in our schools, volunteer in our organizations, and daily find ways to make CLE better.  It’s easy to be inspired by glitz, glamour, and the promise of a championship.  But we can also find inspiration – lasting inspiration – in the people who stay, in the people who are dedicated to CLE, in the people who are here before and after the glitz and glamour.  And once we find inspiration in those kind of people, it’s very easy to ignore a tweet about karma, since we’ll be far too busy improving our own.

Have a great weekend, CLE!  Do something inspiring.

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