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This week’s Friday Inspriation post is all about puppy love.  One of the CLEfriends told me about a pancake breakfast this weekend in Tremont to benefit Secondhand Mutts.  Being a fan of both puppies and pancakes, I immediately wanted to know more.  Then, I saw this post from fellow CLEblogger “cleshopaholic” and found my source for more info about Secondhand Mutts.  Before I get to my blog-terview with cleshopaholic, a bit about why rescue pups mean so much to me.

My CLEpup is a rescue dog.  I found him on Petfinder.  He was abandoned and living in a shelter in Lisbon, Ohio.  The post on Petfinder flat-out said that if he wasn’t adopted within a week, he would be put down.

Sight unseen, I adopted him and drove out the next weekend to pick him up.  CLEpup is the sweetest, funniest, most neurotic, smartest, cutest pup in the world (I may be biased).  And to think what would have happened to him in a shelter…sigh.  So, I have a big soft spot for rescue pups and organizations that help them out.  Now, for more about Secondhand Mutts, here’s my blog-terview with Shibani Faehnle, aka cleshopaholic

CLEgal: What does Second Hand Mutts do?

cleshopaholic: Secondhand Mutts rescues puppies (I use the word puppies to describe dogs of all ages; they’re all puppies to me), typically from local and high kill shelters, and gives them a second chance at life and love. Since they share space with The Mutt Hutt, SHM can only taken in a limited number of dogs at any given time. The dogs must be socialized, which a HUGE benefit to any foster or adoptive parent since you know that your “furry child” gets along with other dogs.

CLEgal: How did you hear about and get involved with Second Hand Mutts?

cleshopaholic: I heard about Secondhand Mutts through The Mutt Hutt, which is the doggie daycare that my two boxers (Otto and St. Clair) attend on a regular basis. Both were founded by Becca Riker and Secondhand Mutts uses The Mutt Hutt’s facilities.

CLEgal: What motivated you to volunteer with Second Hand Mutts?

cleshopaholic: What can I say, I’m a sucker for a lost/abandoned/homeless puppy. I’ve been making monetary donations and attending Secondhand Mutts events since 2008, but was first motivated to really get involved in the fall of 2009 when SHM rescued a white boxer named Special, who was abandoned in her home when her owner was taken to a nursing home. I have a soft spot for boxers, and despite all she’d been through, Special was an absolute sweetheart!

CLEgal: How can we get involved with Second Hand Mutts?

cleshopaholic: Secondhand Mutts is always looking for donations, foster parents, adoptive parents, and volunteers for their events. If you’re unable to do any of these, you can also make a difference by simply attending events! They have a Facebook page and a website (www.secondhandmutts.org) with more information.

CLEgal: What upcoming events/fundraisers does Second Hand Mutts have planned?

cleshopaholic: They’re hosting an all-you-can-eat pancake barkfest on Sunday, January 23rd at Post 58 in Tremont.

CLEgal: What’s the best part about volunteeering with Second Hand Mutts?

cleshopaholic: Knowing that you’re changing both canine and human lives!! Some of these dogs have had such awful lives pre-rescue, but they have SO much love to share. They can teach us humans so much about life and how we should live it!!!

I couldn’t agree more on the last point.  By rescuing a pup, you do something amazing, not only for the pup, but for yourself.  I have a magnet on my car with a pawprint and the words “Who Rescued Who?” and it is so true.  Check out Secondhand Mutts upcoming events and find a way to get involved with this great organization.  If anyone wants to be on the “Why CLE?” team for the Smooches & Pooches bowl-a-thon, comment below!

CLEpup and I thank cleshopaholic and all the Secondhand Mutts volunteers for their dedication to making pups’ lives better.  Have a great weekend!  Do something inspiring!

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  1. Love Secondhand Mutts! Klivlend (http://meursaultcassiel.wordpress.com) – formerly the 52 Weeks of Cleveland blog – held a fundraiser a couple months ago at Happy Dog for them. It was a lot of fun.

    Have a great time at the bowl-a-thon! If I didn’t have a wedding in NY to drive out to that weekend, I would totally show off the skills I picked up in my childhood bowling league. (Not that I was that great either then or now)

  2. […] After a fantastic meal, we headed to Madison-Square Lanes for the Smooches for Pooches bowl-a-thon. To learn more about Secondhand Mutts and the great work they do fostering and finding homes for pups, you can check out this post. […]

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