Why? Weekends!

I kicked off this weekend with CLEguy and CLEfriends with a happy hour at Reddstone that I won by dropping my business card in a drawing (I think that’s why I have business cards).

I’ve always enjoyed Reddstone and the Battery Park area in general.  Plus, some of the CLEfriends had never been there and I love introducing people to cool CLE places.  Our happy hour was in the upstairs room, along with another group that had also won a happy hour.  While food was to be provided at the happy hour, two pizzas and 30 chicken wings for nearly 50 people just wasn’t enough.  So, we ended up ordering an array of Reddstone’s appetizers – Macho nachos, crab and potato pierogies, sweet potato fries, and BBQ wings – all of which were very yummy.  Plus, Reddstone has a great beer selection – anyplace where I can order Chimay is good by me.  Overall, it was a fun night catching up with CLEfriends and enjoying one of CLE’s hottest neighborhoods.

From the trendy to the simply comfortable, on Saturday night CLEguy, a couple CLEfriends, and I ended up at the Kirtland City Tavern.  This is one of those places you’d drive right by if you didn’t know about it.  It’s also got that “everybody knows your name” feel to it.  And I have to say, the burgers are out of this world.  Gigantic, with a myriad of topping choices, and just delicious.  Starting off your meal with the homemade potato chips is a great way to go, too.  The beer selection leaves a bit to be desired, but they did have Dortmunder Gold and Commodore Perry IPA from Great Lakes Brewing Co. on draft.

To me, one of the best things about CLE is it’s ability to provide both the trendy and the simply comfortable locations.  From having a big night out to throwing on a pair of jeans and grabbing a burger to anything in between, CLE has a place that will fit your mood.  That’s another great answer to “Why Cleveland?”  What new answers did you discover this weekend?

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