Why? Friday Inspiration!

Do you ever have those days where NOTHING seems inspiring?  When the idea of writing a perky, Friday inspiration post is just tough?  No, you don’t write Friday inspiration posts?  Just me then…

At any rate, I was feeling uninspired and sometimes when that happens, the best place to look is close to home.  So, for your Friday inspiration, I give you my CLEdad.  CLEdad is a born-and-raised Clevelander – a true fan of the city.  He has spent his life here and raised his family here.  That, in and of itself, from my perspective is inspiring.

More than that, though, CLEdad is also a CLE business owner.  This past June, he celebrated his 34th year in business.  And while his business now boasts multiple locations, he also still has a presence at the very place where, 34-and-a-half years ago, he started his company.  CLEdad has worked through the good times and the bad in CLE.  He has seen neighborhoods change, economic conditions change, and yet he and his business have stayed in the place where they started – where they call home.   He has seen his business grow into a multi-million dollar enterprise.  He has hired more and more CLE-ers every year.  And CLEdad has given back to the community, with customer incentive programs that donate money to the Cleveland Foodbank.

This post is not to promote his business.  I won’t tell you CLEdad’s name or the name of his company.  It’s just to bring your weekly dose of Friday inspiration a little closer to (my) home.  There are CLE-ers out there like CLEdad, who commit their livelihood and their lives to this city; who truly contribute to our economy and community; and who demonstrate the loyalty and dedication that is endemic of CLE-ers.  These people are great CLE-ers, they’re great business people, and they’re great parents (trust me on that one).

Have a great weekend!  Do something inspiring!

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