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This week’s Friday inspiration comes from a family who suffered a tragic loss, but are turning that loss into something meaningful for the community.  I got an e-mail from a long-time CLEfriend telling me about a fundraiser for the Ehrbar Angels Foundation.  Not only did I want to attend and donate, I wanted to do what I could to bring attention to the Foundation and it’s purpose.  I would like to thank my CLEfriend, as well as Laura Ehrbar, co-founder of the Ehbar Angels Foundation, for speaking with me anout the Foundation and contributing to this post.

On April 28, 2010, Erin Ehrbar, then 17 years old, and her brother Andrew, 13, were heading to school like any other morning when a tragic car accident took both of their lives.  While pulling out of their driveway, their car was broadsided by a fellow student.  The driver has been indicted and will be sentenced next week.  Erin and Andrew were both tissue and cornea donors.  In addition, Drew donated five organs which saved three lives. 

Recently, Laura Ehrbar and her husband Chris have started the Ehrbar Angels Foundation.  In Laura’s words, “We feel compelled to keep Erin and Andrew’s memory alive and the limited time they were given here on earth was lived to its fullest and we want to make sure every child has the opportunities they would have had but did not get to accomplish.”

Erin attended Highland High School and one of the Ehrbar Angels Foundation’s goals is to raise money for scholarships for two graduating seniors from that school.  Laura told me, “The criteria for these scholarships are for students much like Erin and Drew–ordinary kids, who embody community and family and giving back to this world.” 

The Foundation will also sponsor 8th grade students attending a Washington, D.C. trip.  Drew would have been in 8th grade this year and attending that same trip. Finally, the Ehrbar Angels Foundation will be working with the State Highway Patrol on innovative education and decision-making courses targeted at teen drivers.  While the family suffered a tragic loss, the Ehrbar Angels Foundation seeks to honor the memories of Erin and Andrew by helping children just like them. 

So, what can you do to help? The Ehrbar Angels Foundation is having a fundraiser on Friday, March 4 from 7-10pm at Anthony’s Restaurant and Sports Bar.  The cost is $30 per ticket for pizza, wings, beer, wine, and a basket raffle.  A great deal, a fun time, and a wondeful cause! If you can’t attend, but would like to contribute, the Foundation is accepting checks and/or donations for the raffle.

Also, the Ehrbar Angels Foundation is in the start-up stages.  If you have fundraising ideas, venues, or other suggestions, the Foundation welcomes your thoughts and efforts.

To contact the Ehrbar Angels Foundation, you can simply drop me a line at whycleblog@gmail.com and I will pass it along to Laura and Chris.  Thank you in advance for your generosity in helping to remember two wonderful CLE kids and enriching the lives of other CLE kids in the process. 

Have a great weekend!  Do something inspiring!

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  1. Melissa

    Wow–I feel so blessed and honored to be able to say that Erin and Andrew are my siblings. Thank you so VERY much for sharing their story on your blog and for helping us to spread the message about our Ehrbar Angel’s Fundraiser! Hope to see you at Anothony’s Bar & Grill on March 4th!

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