Why? Weekends!

So, from 60 degrees back to cold and snowy all in one weekend…you’ll never get bored with the weather here! Just another answer to “Why Cleveland?” right?

This weekend started with a walk at lunch to enjoy the fine weather and the return of Dim and Den Sum to the streets of CLE. I also got to meet a fellow CLEtweep, JohnAFay.

Dim and Den Sum are back...spring is coming!

Dim and Den Sum is a CLE-based gourmet Asian fusion food truck. And if you have yet to experience it, the food is crazy good. I found the truck (courtesy of their iPhone app – these guys know how to work social media) at East 9th and St. Clair on Friday afternoon. The chefs had a great week, after being named Food Truck of the Week in the USA and also being named one of the 25 Restaurants Cleveland can’t live without.

CLEguy chose the PBLT, which is a sandwich of braised pork, bacon, lettuce, tomato and sirachi mayo. The verdict? Messy, but oh so good. I selected the Chicken Yum Yum, which is pieces of fried chicken served over corn bread, pickled diakon and carrot, and topped with mae ploy sauce. The chicken breading was outstanding and the sauce added just the right hint of spice – southern and Asian cooking all from the corner of East 9th and St. Clair!

Dim and Den Sum is currently looking around CLE for space to open a restaurant, but I will be loyally following the truck until then.

Friday evening, CLEguy and I headed to the Warehouse District for happy hour at The Barley House. The Warehouse District has done such a great job at maintaining its status as a hub of restaurants, bars, and fun in downtown CLE. It was great to see so many CLE-ers out and about enjoying the unseasonable temperatures.

While at the Barley House, I enjoyed one of my favorite beverages, a Black Raspberry.

This drink is half Guinness and half Lambic’s Framboise. I was introduced to this by Hungry in Cleveland and it quickly became a drink of choice. It perfectly cuts both the sweetness of the Framboise and the heaviness of the Guinness. Delicious!

After happy hour, we decided to stay in the Warehouse District for dinner. We headed across the street to Sushi Rock, to enjoy some of their incredible calamari, as well as a couple rolls. My new favorite is the Cobra roll, which includes some very tasty BBQ eel.

Saturday was a lazy day, which was just fine by me. Today, CLEguy, CLEparents, and I headed to one of my favorite Cleveland Independents restaurants – Paladar Latin Kitchen and Rum Bar. This restaurant is bright and open and makes you feel summery, even when it’s snowing outside.

Paladar is offering specials through Fat Tuesday (March 8th) in celebration of Carnaval, so check them out. Our mojitos were half-price today! After some of their fantastic guacamole, served with traditional tortilla chips as well as plantain chips, we moved onto to our entrees. CLEguy had ropa vieja, braised beef with rice and plaintains. I had the mahi mahi, served over grilled sweet potato and plaintain hash.

Paladar was the perfect cure for the chilly, snowy weather outside. All this good food, plus weather that keeps you on your toes, made for another great weekend and more good answers to “Why Cleveland?”

So, what new answers to “Why Cleveland?” did you discover this weekend? And are you ready to discover even more at Downtown Cleveland Restaurant Week?

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