Why? Friday Inspiration!

This week’s inspiration comes courtesy of last night’s activities.  First, the Ohio Blogging Association hosted a blogger meet-up at Amp 150.



I have been wanting to try Amp 150 for awhile, plus I always have a great time with the CLEbloggers.  It was great getting to meet in person some CLE-ers whose writing and tweeting I love.  We also got filled in on some exciting upcoming events from the CLEbloggers in attendance, including Twestival on March 24 (follow TwestivalCLE for CLE-specific info).

In attendance at last night’s event:

Poise in Parma (our wonderful organizer of last night’s fun)

Hungry in Cleveland

Cleveland Food and Brews

Happiness is a Hot Pierogi

At Home in CLE

Cooker Girl

The Chubby Cook

Clue Into Cleveland

A Slice of Kiwi


The hospitality at Amp 150 was fantastic – we had wonderful, friendly, entertaining service and great food and drinks.  My cocktail of choice was the blackberry mojito – a nice taste of summer on a February day.  Chef Ellis Cooley provided us with flatbreads, wings, and homemade potato chips to snack on to start, then a selection of his favorite “small bites” dishes later.

I also ordered the velvet mushroom soup and the Hunter’s sausage risotto from the menu.  All I can say is – order the soup.  It will change your life, it’s that good.  Creamy and almost frothy with truffle oil on top – delicious!  The risotto was a stand-out dish as well.

Soup, Risotto, and Blackberry Mojito at Amp 150

Chef Ellis came and chatted with us a bit.  He told us that he was drawn to CLE from Miami because of the CLE food scene – so many great chefs doing wonderful things and being committed to using locally-grown, fresh ingredients.  Everything on Amp 150’s ever-changing menu is local and as fresh as can be.

Chef Ellis Cooley and Alicia from Poise in Parma

From Amp 150, Hungry in Cleveland and I headed down to Suite Sixx for Ladies Bite Out.  This event included champage, mini cupcakes from A Cookie and a Cupcake (if they’re mini, it’s OK to have 4, right?), other sweet treats, and a cooking demonstration from local chefs Matt Mytro of Stove Monkeys, Jeff Jarrett of Palate Cleveland, Chef Mia of Chinato, and Ellis Cooley of Amp 150 (hey, we just saw him!).  I’ll leave the recap to Hungry in Cleveland, but I will say this was a fun, sweet way to end a great evening.

The Sweet Treats at Ladies Bite Out

Chef Ellis told us at the Ohio Blogging event that the camaraderie between chefs in CLE is particularly strong.  Personally, I think everyone in attendance would say the same thing about the camaraderie between CLEbloggers.  We all help each other, promote each other’s work, and realize that we all love CLE and want to share that love.  And that’s inspirational – that CLE is a city full of great people doing amazing things (chefs, bloggers, and everywhere in between) who understand the value of supporting each other’s work and finding satisfaction in the successes of the whole.

Have a great weekend! Do something inspiring!

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  1. I should have tried the soup! But I just couldn’t resist ordering the cheeseburger. Next time! Not sure I’ll be at the March event since Twestival will be the following night.

  2. It was great chatting with you at the event – so much fun! Sounds like you and Hungry in Cleveland had a fun time at the Ladies Bite Out — when they’re minicupcakes, 4 is definitely fine!

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