Why? Friday Inspiration!

Today is definitely one of the days to think outside CLE.  Like most people, my thoughts and prayers are with Japan, Hawaii, and all the Pacific nations affected by the earthquake and tsunamis.  It’s early to tell how we can help, but the Red Cross is already on the ground in many affected locations.  I’m sure in the coming days, there will be more information on relief efforts and places to donate time and money.  ***UPDATE*** You can donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts by texting REDCROSS to 90999.  Click here for more details.

My Twitter and Facebook feeds have been filled this morning with thoughts, prayers, and – perhaps above all – helpful information for those in the path of the destruction.  Reports are saying that while phone lines are down, the Internet remains a viable source of information for people in Japan.  Even the U.S. Navy tweeted the news that its ships would be remaining in Pearl Harbor.

So, how do I get inspiration out of this? Social media has a purpose and it can genuinely connect with those both close to home and across the world.  While it’s easy to see Twitter as simply a platform for the latest Charlie Sheen craziness and Facebook as a way for that annoying girl from high school to bother you with baby pictures, it is more than that.  We live in a global society and one of the ways that’s possible is through social media.

Keep the thoughts and the prayers and the tweets coming.  Have a great weekend! Do something inspiring!

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