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***A bit of blog-keeping (but, also inspirational): Fabulous CLEblogger Green Dog Wine is doing a comments for cans donation over on her blog.  For every comment to this post on her blog, she will donate a can of food to the Cleveland Food Bank.  Poise in Parma and I are each matching her donation.  Now 1 comment = 3 cans of food!  So, head on over there and comment!  Your time to donate runs out today!***

Today’s Friday Inspiration comes courtesy of We Run This City.

We Run This City is the organization benefitting from this year’s Twestival Cleveland, which is happening Thursday, March 24 from 5pm-9pm at AMP 150

Tickets are only $10 to attend this fun event or you can simply make a donation if you can’t attend.  The goal is to raise $3,000 for We Run This City.

Fellow CLEblogger Joe from Healthy Day Fitness volunteers with the organization and was willing to do a blog-terview to fill me in on the great work being done by We Run This City.

CLEgal: What is the mission/purpose of We Run This City?

Healthy Day Fitness: We Run This City was established to fight childhood obesity amongst Cleveland’s urban youth.

CLEgal: How did you get involved with We Run This City?

Healthy Day Fitness: Shortly after I ran the Cleveland half-marathon last year, I stumbled across WRTC on Facebook. I followed the links to their YMCA page, and as I read up on the group, I could see the documentary film playing in my head. Ironically I had just watched a documentary following a group of Chicagoans preparing to run the Chicago marathon. We Run This City reminded me of that, except with a bunch of adorable kids. Ever since that day, I’ve been dedicated to making some sort of film project about the organization. I immediately contacted the program director, Tara Taylor, and we set up a meeting with myself, her and an intern named Brandon Croucher. We had a great chat and I got to work on some basic editing work with only their pictures.

I set out to raise money for a camera, but unfortunately fell short before the program started their pre-race health evaluations in late February. Admittedly irrationally upset that I fell short, I was determined to get something done for the group, so I took my flip cam and did a couple short interviews with Tara and Brandon. And a few weeks later I hopped on a Megabus from Chicago to make it into town for their first conditioning clinic on March 4th. That was my first hands on experience with WRTC, and I had a blast. I actually just wrote about it for Ohio Sports & Fitness Magazine.

I got back to Chicago later that night and was still irrationally upset that I couldn’t get the camera in time. Not long after that, I discovered TwestivalCLE, nominated them, and bugged people to do the same. I was ecstatic when they were selected.  Now that I’m finally moving back to Cleveland, I’ll be getting more involved as more events come up, volunteering whenever I can. Over the next year, I’ll continue to save money for a decent camera, dedicating myself to filming a great project next year.

CLEgal: What’s been the most rewarding part of volunteering with We Run This City?

Healthy Day Fitness: The laughter. I can’t tell you how much complaining I’ve heard from clients PAYING ME to train them. I understand it to an extent, but eventually it gets annoying. Some of these kids were experiencing exercise equipment for the very first time and finding joy in every moment, willing to give anything a try, no matter how stupid it seemed.

CLEgal: How can we get involved? What does the organization need?

Healthy Day Fitness: Folks can donate to the organization and/or volunteer their time. I believe there’s contact info on the site where you can sign up to volunteer for various events. Money goes toward race registration fees for the kids, shorts, shoes, shirts, etc.

We Run This City is doing great things to get CLE’s youth moving, active, and healthy.  Working to make kids’ lives better – it doesn’t get more inspirational than that.  Have a great weekend!  Do something inspiring!

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