Why? Blog-olutions Update!

Well, dear readers, it’s been almost 3 months since I made some Blog-olutions for 2011.  I was wondering how I was doing…given that I couldn’t remember all of the blog-olutions, I was afraid I wasn’t doing very well.  Let’s check it out…

1. Sign up for a Twitter account and create a Facebook fan page for the blog.  Well, I’m halfway there (livin’ on a prayer).  I signed up on Twitter in early January and since then have amassed around 535 followers, as of this post.  Thanks, CLEtweeps!  I also got the chance to be a part of Cleveland.com and the Plain Dealer’s Twitter Twenty, which was a great way to talk about CLE and meet other cool, connected CLE-ers.  Watch for work on the second half of this blog-olution next month!

2. Meet up in “real life” with some of the other fabulous CLE bloggers I follow.  I have rocked this blog-olution!  In January and February, I attended the monthly Ohio Blogging Association get-togethers.  In fact, I’m going to one tonight (more on that later)!  The OBA has been a great way to connect with other CLEbloggers and make some “blends.”

3. Take one of my personal goals (doing the Couch to 5K program) and turn it into a way to see more of CLE.  I’ve been moving along with the Couch to 5K program.  In fact, I’m less than a month away from my first 5K!  But, I’m really looking forward to nicer weather and the opportunity to run outside more often.  Also, I’ll be doing the Cleveland Marathon 5K, which goes through downtown and ends in Browns stadium.  What a great way to see CLE!

4. Volunteer with a CLE-based charity.  Tonight, the Ohio Blogging Association monthly meet-up is happening at the Cleveland Foodbank (check back on Friday for the write-up).  I’m so excited to be volunteering with this wonderful organization and hope to make it more than just a one-night event.

5. Finally, finally, finally eat at Melt.  I get double points – I’ve now been to both the Cleveland Heights and the Lakewood restaurants.  And it was worth the wait and every carb and cheese-tastic calorie.

6. Spend a weekend at an Ohio City bed and breakfast.  Haven’t done this one yet…

7. Shop at least once a month at The West Side Market. One month out of three is…not as good as I wanted to be.  I still have time to get there in March, though!  And considering how much fun it is and how amazingly good the food is, I need to be better about this blog-olution.  Plus, the Market is gearing up for its Centennial Celebration and for hosting the Public Markets Conference in 2012.  Lots of great things going on at the Market!

8. Attend more CLE cultural events (e.g., Cleveland Orchestra concerts, Tremont art walks, etc.) I am failing thus far.  I will get on the ball with this one, promise.

9. Interview at least one CLE celeb for the blog.  Amazingly, Michael Symon has not knocked on my door and offered to let me interview him.  So, this is still a work in progress.

10. Continue to daily discover new answers to “Why Cleveland?”  This is a blog-olution win.  I do daily find new reasons why I love CLE and there’s nowhere I’d rather be.  This blog has been and will continue to be a great opportunity for me to discover and rediscover our city.

So, 3 months in and I’m not doing too badly, I don’t think.  I need to pick up the pace on some, but overall the blog-olutions are still serving their purpose – to provide me with new and exciting ways to engage in CLE.  Did you make any CLE resolutions?  How are they going?

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  1. Try cutting your interview teeth by interviewing other bloggers. It will give you practice, hook both parties up with added exposure, and offer a bit of legitimacy when you do finally start asking folks that are a bit more well known.

    1. I’ve actually interviewed CLE Shopaholic about Secondhand Mutts and Healthy Day Fitness about We Run This City. You’re right…it’s good experience and a great way to network.

  2. You are kicking my arse in most of these categories, mostly because I’ve been out of town. But props for going the extra mile to learn more and more about CLE! Tremont Artwalk is a favorite of ours, so perhaps we’ll see you there!

  3. So I’m a little behind in my blog reading and just read this, but if you ever are looking to check out more CLE culture, let me know. I love visiting the Orchestra and local theatre productions!

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