Why? Weekends!

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone stayed warm this weekend!

Friday night, CLEguy and I went to Fox and Hound for happy hour.  Fox and Hound is a great sports bar, with tons of TV’s, pool tables, and a good beer selection.  Also, on Fridays, they have $4 margaritas…you can’t beat that!

Saturday, we decided it was time for some guy time/girl time.  CLEmom and I spent the morning pampering ourselves at Ichiban Salon and Day Spa with manicures and pedicures.  My theory is that if my toes are ready, I will have the opportunity to wear flip flops!  After our spa time, we headed to Agave at Crocker Park – I was just having a margarita kind of weekend!  The lunch specials at Agave are great – $9 a piece for a generous portion of your choice of tacos, enchiladas, or floutas, plus rice and beans.  I also recommend the guacamole especial, which has pineapple, mango, and goat cheese – yum!

While CLEmom and I were having girl time, CLEguy and CLEdad decided to bond over – what else? – good beer.  They enjoyed lunch at Fat Head’s Saloon.  CLEguy had the Bay of Pigs Cuban pulled pork sandwich, paired with a Fat Head’s Number One beer.

CLEguy also picked up a growler of Fat Head’s Number One, which is the first beer the brewery ever made.  This beer is spicy and reminds me of the Belgian beers I love so much, so it as a definite win for me. 

Saturday evening, we headed to a party with some CLEfriends.  We enjoyed our CLEfriend Brian’s tasty Burg-a-licious burgers, which you can order for yourself.  Seriously, the burgers are fantastic and are like having your own B Spot right at home!  After enjoying enough of the beer to feel like singing in public, it was time to play Beatles Rock Band with some CLEfriends.

On Sunday, CLEguy and I watched the Cavs take on the Atlanta Hawks.


Before the game, we dined at the Q’s Bar Symon.

I love being able to enjoy such high-quality food at a sporting event (not that I don’t love nachos and hot pretzels, too).  I had the Symon Sliders trio – one veal meatball slider, one Carolina pulled pork slider, and one miniburger.  My favorite was the veal meatball.  The sweetness of the veal was perfectly offset by a spicy tomato sauce.  CLEguy chose The Clevelander – a veal brat with pulled pork, french fries, and sriracha hot sauce.  We also split an order of the famous Lola fries.

And the beer – no Bud Light here!  CLEguy had a Thirsty Dog Old Leghumper – a delicious porter – while I enjoyed the Ithaca Beer Company Apricot Wheat.

Unfortunately, the Cavs didn’t bring home a win, but it was still a fun night cheering for our home-town team and enjoying some great food from our home-town Iron Chef.

What answers to “Why Cleveland?” did you discover (or rediscover) this weekend?  Did you hit up the C-town Chow Down?

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  1. We did go to Chowdown. Great idea but needed a little more organization. We got there around 12:30 and the lines were already crazy. I got in one line (Streat) and HICbf went in another (Jibaro Mobile World Eats). Well, an hour later I ended up with buffalo mac n cheese, and HICbf with nothing since Jibaro had to remake everything and it would be another 20 minutes. The Fahrenheit truck left shortly after we got there and Dim and Den Sum ran out pretty quickly too. I was hoping to sample more food, but at least I now am following other trucks too. I did enjoy the mac n cheese from Streat though.

  2. Yeah. Same experience as HungryinCLE. Loved the idea of Chowdown — and got some very tasty Pad Thai from Umami Moto. But we got there at 12 and waited for an hour and a half. Since it was the first time this event was held, I’d give some leeway on the wait. However, I hope the organizers look to finesse some of the logistics for future Chowdowns.

    Glad you got to eat at Bar Symon. Avon Lake used to have Bar Symon — then it closed and that made me very sad since it was right around the corner and always consistently exceeded expectations. Fortunately, B Spot is coming to Westlake soonish.

  3. pedicures=flip flops. This sounds rediculous, but if it’s officially spring, and my toes are done, you better believe I’m breaking out the flip flops! Don’t even care that it’s 25 degrees out still. :o)

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