Why? Guest Bloggers!

You know I love me my CLE.  I do. 

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But, seriously, I need a vacation. 

Luckily CLEguy and I have one of those – starting tomorrow.  We will be spending 8 luxurious days in Montego Bay, Jamaica at the RoseHall Resort and Spa.  Why Jamaica?  My initial answers have a lot to do with beaches and rum and Bob Marley and lack of snow.  I promise a more in-depth analysis when we return.

In my absence, I’ve arranged some fabulous guest bloggers to keep Why CLE? going.  I love hearing other people’s answers to “Why Cleveland?”  They’re always so diverse and interesting and I ultimately end up discovering new things to try.  I hope you enjoy these fresh and entertaining perspectives as much as I do.

So, introducing the Why CLE? guest bloggers that you’ll hear from over the next week:

Stephanie from Hungry in Cleveland.  Stephanie and I have known each other for almost 10 years!  She is one of my dearest friends, one of my biggest blogging inspirations, one of the most fun and cheerful people you’ll ever meet, and a consummate foodie.

Kimi from A Slice of Kiwi.  I met Kimi through the Ohio Blogging Association and I just love her blog.  She is fun, spunky, and honest – three great qualities in a blogger (and in a friend).  Also, Kimi is a contestant in the Mom Central Consulting grant program, so check her out and vote for her here.

Diane from A Stove With a House Around It.  I “know” Diane from reading her delicious blog and from following each other on Twitter.  So far, we’ve discovered mutual loves for good food, CLE restaurants, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee (which I will happily supply from the trip), and Spice Girls songs.  Diane also puts out the NE Ohio Food and Drink Daily – an awesome compilation of foodie blogs and news.  Follow her on Twitter for the daily link.

Angela from Pretty in Orange and the Ohio Blogging Association.  I’m pretty lucky to have the founder of the Ohio Blogging Association guest blogging for me.  Angela does a great job bringing together bloggers from all over the state with in-person events and tweet chats.  Plus, she has her own fantastic blog.

Beth from, well, being my dearest CLEfriend.  Beth and I have known each other a long time and had more crazy adventures than I could possibly share.  Even though she’s not a native CLE-er, she has truly made this city her home.

So, there you have ’em!  I hope you enjoy their guest posts over the next week.  I’ll miss ya CLE…get rid of the snow for me while I’m gone!

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