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***Thanks to Kimi for guest blogging for Why CLE? while I’m on vacation!  I love finding out people’s unique answers to Why Cleveland?***

Hi everyone! I’m Kimi from A Slice of Kiwi. I’m guest blogging today here on Why CLE? When CLEgal asked for guest bloggers, I asked her if I could write about my beloved town of Vermilion and she obliged. Some of you may be wondering… ‘um, where?’

Vermilion resides on the line of Lorain and Erie counties. The Lorain portion of this city of approximately 11,000 is part of the Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor Statistical area so it is indeed ‘part’ of Cleveland!

Vermilion sits right on Lake Erie and the Vermilion River which results in a very busy recreational boater scene in the warm months. Many homes in town are summer homes and there is a tangible difference in the population and activity level of businesses between on and off season.

Vermilion is home to some really great attractions so here are my top five stops when you trek out here!

Brummer’s Homemade Chocolate – One of my favorite places in Vermilion. This chocolate and candy haven will make you feel like a kid again. Chocolate made right there for you to see with their family recipe in use for over 100 years. If chocolate isn’t your preference they stock a huge array of classic candies. In addition to all those goodies they have a unique gift selection.

Decidedly Different Coffee & Gifts – Another favorite of mine (see the theme yet?). When I first moved to Vermilion I thought my life of good coffee would come to an end. At the time the nearest Starbucks was 25 minutes away. Thank goodness for this little oasis. I can always count on a delicious latte from their friendly staff and I frequent it for my own supply of beloved Pirate’s Brew coffee. They also have a really great assortment of gifts which saves me a trip to the mall on many occasions!

Inland Seas Maritime Museum and Main Street Beach – I feel very lucky to route my regular walks and runs up to Main Street Beach and stop to take in the beauty of Lake Erie. For someone who grew up with a fear of water, living in Vermilion has been my cure. You can walk around the beach and up and around the Vermilion Lighthouse and the Maritime Museum and take in the splendor that is the north shore!

Main Street Soda Grill – after you finish your walk around the beach, lighthouse and museum get a cozy booth or bar seat at the Main Street Soda Grill. It’ll be the best burger and cheese fries you’ve had in a long time! Be sure to get your favorite ‘shake, malt or phosphate drink too! They were even named the Best Shake Shop by Ohio Magazine.

Chez Francios / Touché Martini Bar – Chez’s is the usually recognized place people associate with Vermilion. It’s no wonder why. Their food and atmosphere is divine and work the cost. You can drive your boat right up as it sits on the quaint Vermilion River overlooking the gorgeous lagoons. Top rated food, great staff and winos will be impressed with their wine list. My favorite piece of this Vermilion gem is the upstairs wine and martini bar aptly named Touché. Visit this upstairs joint for a little less money spent and formality required.  ***CLEgal note: check out the guest post I did for Hungry in Cleveland on Chez Francois!***

There is so much more a day trip to Vermilion can offer, but you’ll have to see for yourself! Hope to see you around this summer and stop by A Slice of Kiwi to say hello anytime! Thanks CLEgal for letting me guest blog!

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  1. Great post! I’ve never been to Vermillion and never knew much about it. Sounds like I should look into renting a place this summer for a little getaway.

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