Why? Weekends!

As usual, it was an incredibly busy weekend in CLE.  However, this weekend was not about restaurant-hopping or checking out a cool event or anything like that.  It was, as holiday weekends should be, all about the CLEfamily.  One of my biggest reasons “Why Cleveland?” is having my family close by and never is that more evident than at the holidays.

On Saturday, CLEguy and I hosted our combined families for a very traditional Holy Saturday dinner.  I’m Polish and Czech, so our traditional dinner involves kielbasa, sauerkraut, and sekanice.  Another great reason “Why Cleveland?” is the availability of genuine ethnic foods.  No matter what your nationality, chances are you can find shops (or a stand at the West Side Market) that caters to the kind of food you’re looking for.  Our kielbasa came from Pinzone’s Meats.  Pinzone’s has a stand at the West Side Market, as well as a shop in Parma.

In combining our families for this traditional feast, we also found new traditions (for example, I finally got to try paska, a traditional Ukranian Easter bread) as everyone contributed to the meal.  Plus we were surrounded by cuteness…check out the pictures of CLEguy’s adorable niece as she munches on my hand and, of course, CLEpup.

Sunday, after Mass, we went to my CLEparents’ house for more Easter fun.  And our celebration could not have been complete without another CLE tradition – Malley’s candy!  From chocolate-covered Peeps to rainbow wafers to dark chocolate carmallow eggs, we all indulged our sweet tooths.

We also had traditional nut roll and poppyseed roll.  My goal this year is to have CLEmom teach me how to make this!

All in all, a fantastic weekend filled with family, tradition, and CLE love.  Hope your holiday was happy, if you celebrate it.  What answers to “Why Cleveland?” did you discover this weekend?

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  1. PLP

    I am so inspired by all of your ethnic specialties and traditions. I’m sure my Catholic grandmother is rolling over in her grave knowing that none of us goes to church anymore but it doesn’t mean we can’t still observe the family and food aspects of the holiday. I feel like our only specialty is lobster and anything with blueberries, but I guess that’s the thing about tradition – it’s whatever is important to you. (Although Rachel did make her first Easter ham yesterday in San Diego!)

    I also remember fondly the Easter I spent with you and CLEMom and Dad at Old Ebbitt and the year you brought me some of those Malley’s mallow treats 🙂 Finally, I loved the tweet about CLEMom being bummed that the liquor store was closed, lol.

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