Why? Friday Inspiration!

CLE has always been a diehard sports town.  Win or lose, our sports teams inspire passionate responses and fervent conversation.  And right now, CLE is positively buzzing about two major sports coups:

First, our Cleveland Indians.  With a 16-8 record, the Tribe is in first place in the Central Division and are 10-2 at home.  It would be easy to be simply swept away by the excitement of the return of Grady Sizemore from the DL, but the entire team has been showing up and making plays so far this season.  Plus, the team has an expansive new social media marketing strategy that is connecting the fans with players and coaches in entirely different ways.  Tonight, I’ll be checking out a game from the brand new Social Media Suite, so watch for the tweets and a full recap here on Monday.

Next, a coup of national voting proportions…of course, I’m talking about Peyton Hillis’ win of the vote to grace the cover of Madden 12.  A testament to both Hillis’ talent and CLE fans’ loyalty and love, Hillis’ win brings him more into the national spotlight.  But it also has people excited and already talking about Browns season.  Add to that the Browns’ blockbuster trade down in yesterday’s NFL draft and, well, I think CLE-ers may start tailgating now!

Now, there are those who would shake their heads at all this sports optimism.  We’re CLE.  We’re cursed, remember?  We’re the city of the Drive, the Shot, the Fumble, the Decision.  But most CLE-ers are excited.  They’re embracing all this #winning.  CLE is a city of eternal believers, especially in our beloved sports teams.  And that level of optimism, excitement, and possible sports greatness are all inspirational.

Have a great weekend! Do something inspirational!

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