Why? The Why CLE? Challenge!

Today’s Friday Inspiration is one part blogger and one part CLEguy.  Fabulous blogger Pretty in Orange, who you met when she guest blogged on Why CLE?, does a monthly challenge on her blog.  I signed up to take May’s challenge, which is to identify one thing that you love about your body every day.  The idea is to promote loving who we are, rather than spreading negative self-talk.  I love this challenge and can’t wait to see what it brings me in my life this month.

So, I wanted to tell you all about that, but then I realized I needed some sort of CLE angle.  That’s where CLEguy comes in.  He suggested that I take Pretty in Orange’s challenge idea and turn it into a CLE challenge for all of you (and for myself).  What a great idea!  So, here it is…ideas completely taken from Pretty in Orange’s May challenge and CLEguy…


During the month of May, identify one answer every day to Why CLE?  Big things, small things, personal reasons, shared reasons.  There are no wrong answers!  The idea is to get you thinking about why you’re here and to promote CLE love.

To sweeten the deal, all Why CLE? challenge participants will be entered into a drawing to win:

A $25 gift card to the Cleveland Independents restaurant of your choice


A $25 donation in your name to the CLE-based charity of your choice

So, how do you participate?

1. Leave a comment on this post letting me know you’re taking the Why CLE? challenge.

2. Tweet about the challenge and/or post the challenge on Facebook.  31 days, 31 reasons Why I love CLE? I’m taking the @WhyCLE challenge! http://wp.me/p1fb9r-bw

3. Start keeping your eyes open for reasons “Why CLE?” Write ’em down, tweet ’em, blog ’em. You can email your discoveries to whycleblog@gmail.com or you can tweet me at @WhyCLE with your daily reason “Why CLE?”  If you have a blog and want to blog about the challenge and what you discover, that’s great too.  But really, this is all on the honor system.  I want to know what your answers to “Why CLE?” are and I hope the challenge helps you discover how much you love about CLE.  Once you comment on this post to take the challenge, you’re in.  No follow-up required, just encouraged.

4. Deadline to enter the challenge is Friday, May 13 at 12pm.  Only comments received before that time will be entered as challenge participants in the drawing.

5. On June 1, I’ll post my own 31 reasons Why CLE? and some of the new answers I learned from the challenge participants.  I’ll also announce the Why CLE? challenge winner selected randomly from the challenge participants (those who comment on this post).

On your mark…get set…go!

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