Why? What’s Not to Like?

I really appreciate CLE coming up with a great inspirational story every week to keep my Friday Inspiration feature going strong.  Thanks, CLE!  Last week the buzz was all about CLE+Sucks and the negativity that website rains down on our city (horrible weather pun intended).

This week, though, we all found ourselves inspired by a child’s simple, heartfelt, wonderfully honest phrase, “What’s not to like?”  Nick Gilbert, son of Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, appeared on ESPN at the NBA draft lottery representing the Cavs.  When asked what he thought about being at the draft lottery, Nick responded, “What’s not to like?”  And what was not to like indeed – as the Cavs went on to win first and fourth round draft picks in the lottery.

Nick’s “What’s not to like?” phrase has popped up on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets around CLE this week.  Fresh Brewed Tees already has a t-shirt with the catchphrase and $5 from every shirt sold is donated to the Children’s Tumor Foundation.  Nick was born with neurofibromitosis and is a spokesperson for the Children’s Tumor Foundation.  He’s an inspiration, not just for fighting cancer, but for fighting it with a smile on his face and a wonderfully positive attitude. 

“What’s not to like?” reflects how so many of us feel, not just about the Cavs tremendous draft lottery, but about CLE as a whole.  When we see our city through Nick’s eyes, when we see our lives through Nick’s eyes, suddenly things seem a whole lot sunnier (again, weather pun intended).  I’m not only inspired by Nick’s optimism, but also by the fact that it can inspire so many of you.  That a simple phrase can spark an outpouring of CLE positivity.  What’s not to like about that?

Have a great weekend! Do something inspirational!

***For more information on Nick Gilbert’s NBA draft appearance, including links to national articles, click here.***

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