Why? Silver Spoon Awards!

Last night, CLEguy and I attended the 17th Annual Cleveland Magazine Silver Spoon Awards party to benefit the Arthritis Foundation.  Our dear blend from Poise in Parma was the event coordinator and when she asked for volunteers to work at the event, we happily obliged.  Luckily, before our shift started, we had a chance to walk around and take in all the deliciousness.  I felt like I was on an episode of Top Chef, except these chefs were all winners (and I look nothing like Padma).

There were so many notable CLE restaurants and so much good food, that I’ll just give you a quick sample of some of our favorites:

Angelo’s Pizza – It’s clear why this restaurant won the Best Pizza Silver Spoon Award.  We sampled the seafood pizza, which had a delicious lobster cream sauce, shrimp, crab, and spinach.  And carbs on top of carbs can never be bad, which is why I loved the baked potato pizza, with mashed potatoes, bacon, three kinds of cheese, and red onion.

Bac Asian American Bistro and Bar – Bac offered three dishes, all of which were sensational.  The green papaya salad was light and fresh, topped with peanuts.  The classic lo mein noodles were packed with crisp veggies.  And the bacon guacamole with wonton crisps…superb!

Chinato and L’Albatros – Two of the most palate-challenging dishes of the evening, but would you expect any less from Zack Bruell?  Chinato’s calamari alla primavera was delicious – the sauce was creamy and the calamari was perfectly cooked.  L’Albatros’  bite of glazed pork belly with sunchoke puree had me wishing for an entire meal of it. Also, while at that table, we found out about the Tour de Bruell – a challenge to have dinner at all 4 of Zack Bruell’s restaurants.  The first person to complete the tour wins a progressive dinner with Zack Bruell.  On your mark, get set, go!

Deagan’s Kitchen and Bar – The new restaurant I can’t say enough good things about.  Deagan’s shrimp tacos (their most popular menu item) were no less of a hit at the Silver Spoon Awards.  I also have to rave about the friendliness of everyone at this table – from Daniel Deagan on down.  The folks at Deagan’s are geniunely nice people who love what they do.

Mitchell’s Fish Market – This was CLEguy’s favorite table of the night and I have to agree that Mitchell’s did a great job.  The ahi tuna wontons were delicious – the wonton was light and crispy and there was a generous portion of tuna and cucumber on each.  The mini crab cakes were also fantastic – almost completely crab meat, with very little filler and served on a delicious corn slaw.  Props for food that was both delicious and easy to eat while walking, balancing a drink, etc.

AMP 150 – Soup.  Chef Ellis Cooley knows what one of his biggest strengths is and he played to it with a delicious, frothy Vidalia onion soup.  Seasonally, this soup just replaced the mushroom soup on the menu at AMP 150, so get over there and try it for yourself.

Mama Roberto’s – Holy cannoli!  Mama Roberto’s dished up full-size, ridiculously yummy cannoli.

Sweet Melissa’s – A dessert wonderland.  My favorite was the red velvet cake with fantastic cream cheese icing.

Aside from the food, there were live and silent auctions, with items such as trips to Belize and Mexico, VIP passes to see “The Daily Show,” artwork from local artist Hector Vega and more.

CLEguy and I worked the second shift of 50/50 Raffle sales and it was great to see how generous CLE-ers can be.  The winner of the 50/50 raffle took home almost $590, with a matching donation made to the Arthritis Foundation.

Aside from the food and the raffles, we got to see lots of CLEbloggers and CLEtweeps, including Cleveland Food and Brews, Clue Into Cleveland, Cleveland’s a Plum, Mile 26 and More, Healthy Heddleston, The Chubby Cook, and HeatherALight.  We also got to pop into the VIP Room at the end to listen to the DJ and drink some bubbly.

All in all, a fantastic night of eating and volunteering, all for a wonderful cause.  Poise in Parma put on a rockin’ event and we’ll definitely be back next year – you should be too!  For a full list of restaurants at the party and what they served, click here.  Also, check out Cleveland Food and Brews review of the evening here, Mile 26 and More’s review here, and Clue Into Cleveland’s review here.

***Disclosure: CLEguy and I volunteered to work the Silver Spoon Awards and were assigned to the 50/50 raffle.  Volunteers were able to attend the event for free and enjoy the food while not on their assigned shift.  As always, all opinions in this post are 100% my own.***

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  1. Holy-fast-turnaround-on-the-recap, Batman! Awesome write up and it was great hanging out last night. Hurray for a double-header of good food with Emerging Chefs tonight – see you there!

  2. You and CLEguy were fabulous volunteers! We were grateful to have you on the 50/50 raffle – your assistance was definitely needed by the end of the evening! Thank you so much for supporting the event, the Arthritis Foundation and me!

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