Why? 31 Days of Loving CLE!

How is it June already?  The month of May absolutely flew by!  So, now it’s time for the wrap-up of the Why CLE? Challenge.  I challenged you, dear readers, to take the month of May and think of one thing you love about CLE each day.  16 of you signed up to take the challenge and I’ve been so inspired and encouraged by your tweets and blog posts about the things you love about CLE.  Before I announce the randomly-selected winner of the Why CLE? Challenge, I’d like to share some of the reasons Why CLE? that both you and I have come up with this past month:

1. CLE-ers who love their city and are passionate about sharing that love of CLE with others.

2. The Metroparks.  Once the rain actually stopped long enough to appreciate being outside, CLE challenge takers such as tracyfran523 and Hungry in Cleveland shared their love of the Emerald Necklace.

3. Great local breweries such as Great Lakes Brewing, Willoughby Brewing, and Fat Heads won praise from participant Peace, Love & Bagels.

4. The Cleveland Marathon weekend. All the Why CLE? challenge participants, including myself, who participated in race weekend events loved getting fit through the streets of CLE.

5. Great ethnic food choices, such as Sokolowski’s, were a huge reason Why CLE? for challenge participants such as Diapro14.

6. The Silver Spoon Awards, celebrating what a foodie mecca CLE is.

7. The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, in particular the new African elephant crossing exhibit, was a favorite for Clue Into Cleveland.

8. So many of the challenge participants showed love for our first-place Cleveland Indians.

9. Local Farmers Markets were a reason Why CLE? for challenge participant asierput.

10. Emerging Chefs Mardi Gras en Mai (and all the Emerging Chefs events).

11. The great local higher education options were a reason Why CLE? for Little Bit of Lit.

12. Appreciating nice weather was reason enough for Rachel, Little Bit of Lit, and myself.

13. The Lake Erie Islands, for Clue Into Cleveland who was lucky enough to get up there yesterday.

14. Playhouse Square.  CLE boasts the largest theater district in the country outside NYC.

15. For many challenge participants, the West Side Market is a great reason Why CLE?

16. The proximity to CLEfamily and wonderful CLEfriends from college.

17. Development, such as the Medical Mart.

18. Our fabulous food trucks, such as Dim and Den Sum, Umami Moto, and StrEat Mobile Bistro.

19. Our CLE libraries were reason to love CLE for Little Bit of Lit and Minor CLE.

20. Cedar Point!

21. So many fabulous CLEbloggers who share their love and hopes for the city.

22. Great local ice cream shops like Sweet MosesHoney Hut and Mitchell’s.

23. Chagrin Falls, with it’s shops, restaurants, and scenery was a favorite for Clue Into Cleveland and me.

24. Global Cleveland, with all of it’s great ideas on how to strengthen CLE.

25. Taco Tuesdays at so many fabulous CLE restaurants was reason enough for Diapro14.

26. The Cleveland International Film Festival.

27. CLE’s amazing museums, from the Art Museum to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame.

28. Tremont Art Walks.

29. Gordon Square, an amazing example of a CLE neighborhood being revitalized by the arts, restaurants, and residents who care.

30. CLE’s world-renowned health care institutions, like the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals.

31. Whiskey Island and Cropicana – great places to spend your summer!

Phew!  Hopefully you stuck with me through that list and found yourself nodding along (or perhaps learning a new reason or two Why CLE?).  Now, it’s time to announce the winner of the Why CLE? Challenge.  Truly, everyone who took the challenge is a winner in my book!  However, according to random.org, the winner is…


Congrats, Becca!  Please email me at whycleblog@gmail.com and let me know to which Cleveland Independents restaurant you would like a $25 gift card and to which Cleveland-based charity you would like a $25 donation made in your name.

Thanks to all for sharing your love of CLE this month.  I hope you keep finding new answers every day to Why CLE?


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  1. Yay for Becca!

    As I mentioned over at Clue into Cleveland, this project as given me a ton of ideas for fun stuff to do this summer. Can’t wait to tackle them all! Thanks again for organizing a fun thing for everyone to benefit from!

  2. […] “Why? 31 Days of Loving CLE!” was the wrap-up to the Why CLE? Challenge. I took answers that I heard over the month of the challenge, as well as my own answers, and compiled a list of 31 things to love about CLE. It was a great reminder for me of all the fantastic things going on in Cleveland. And hopefully it opened your eyes to some new or neglected reasons to love living in CLE. […]

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