Why? The Love of My Life!

Remember yesterday when I said I was taking a weekend breather from blogging? Well, I really meant that.  But life so rarely goes according to plan…and that is a beautiful thing.

I’ve said over and over that my biggest reason Why CLE? is the people here.  Not just the amazingly cool CLE-ers I’m meeting on this blogging journey, but the CLEfamily and CLEfriends who are the core of my life.

But, more than anything, my answer Why CLE? is because this is where I found CLEguy.

I can’t even imagine having nearly as much fun or love or joy in my life without him.  He’s given me a new window on the world and I hope some of that perspective comes through in what I share with you.

So, that is why I said YES when he asked me last night to marry him!  That’s right, dear readers, I’m engaged!

I promise to keep the blog about Why CLE? and not about Why CLE? Weddings.  But, I did want to share our very happy and exciting news.

The future Mr. and Mrs. CLEguy! Also, I think this pic shows how happy he always makes me!

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  1. Just saw the happy news on Facebook then saw this when I was checking morning blog updates. I know I said it once but it’s worth repeating: Huge congratulations from Scott and I! So happy for you two!

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