Why? Friday Inspiration!

Lots of inspiring stuff going on, with CLE-ers showing love for our great city.

First, The Cleveland Bridge Project is seeking to re-open the lower level of the Detroit-Superior Bridge (Veteran’s Memorial Bridge) for use by pedestrians, bicyclists, and public events.  This bridge is one of the most well-known and recognizable in our City of Bridges.  The Cleveland Bridge Project wants to take the Detroit-Superior Bridge to the next level, by making this landmark even more accessible to the community.

So, how can you help?  Click on the link above and vote for The Cleveland Bridge Project in the “This Place Matters” Community Challenge. The Cleveland Bridge Project Could win $25,000 for improvements on the lower level of the bridge. Still need convincing? Check out this great video:

Another way to show your love for CLE is by entering to win the Cleveland City Living Awards.

Image Source - clevelandcityliving.blogspot.com

The Cleveland City Living Awards are looking for young professionals who live within the city limits of CLE.  Tell them what you love about CLE city living and give them your best CLE sales pitch. You could win a $5,000 home improvement/next move grant, just for sharing your love of CLE!

Finally, WMC Fest is coming to Gordon Square this weekend – June 11-12. Hat tip to CLEtweep kim_finley for letting me know about this cool event.  WMC Fest stands for “Weapons of Mass Creation” and is in its second year.  The festival includes speakers, artists, bands, and more.  From WMC Fest’s website, “Weapons of Mass Creation is a young grassroots movement to inspire and enable the creative mind. We believe that good things happen when ideas and talents are shared within the community.” How inspirational is that? Admission to WMC Fest is only $10 per day, so check it out and get inspired!

Lots of inspiring ways to be involved with your CLE community, so get moving! Have a great weekend, CLE! Do something inspiring!

***For more information on the Cleveland Bridge Project, check out Happy in CLE’s post.***

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