Why? Weekends!

Happy Monday, CLE! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Lots of fun stuff to recap, so let’s get right to it…

On Friday night, Hungry in Cleveland, Beth, and I headed to Momocho for much-needed margaritas and girl talk.









I love everything about Momocho – from the food to the atmosphere to the staff. We scord a downstairs table, which meant traditional margaritas, Tecate beer, and taquitos were all 1/2 off. We started with non-traditional margaritas: blood orange for Beth, hibiscus flower for HIC, and strawberry mint for me. But, my new favorite margarita is the spicy mango: a tantalizing blend of mango, habanero, and tequila. We also got the guacamole sampler with the crab and corn, goat cheese, and traditional guacs. 

We all took advantage of the 1/2 price taquitos: Beth had the shrimp, HIC had the duck (my favorite, especially with the pomegranate barbacoa), and I tried the mahi mahi with pineapple slaw. The mahi was delicious, perfectly cooked and a nice, light choice.

For dessert, we 3-way split the fried ice cream and STILL couldn’t finish it all.  This is one huge dessert, but so delicious. Plus, we were treated to a festive sparkler addition in honor of my engagement. Thanks, Momocho! It was a perfect Friday night with two of my favorite girls.

Meanwhile, across town, CLEguy checked out the Hot Air Balloon Festival at Debonne Vineyards. We went to this festival last year and it is a great time, with plenty of food, delicious wines, and quite a spectacle once all the balloons are blown up. The nearby winerys are one of my favorite answers to Why CLE?, so definitely check them out for a lovely summer evening.

Saturday morning started with securing a reception venue and church for the wedding. You know, the usual Saturday morning stuff… Our ceremony will be at St. John Vianney church and the reception will be at Executive Caterer’s at Landerhaven next June. We’re so excited and know that it’s all going to be so special and beautiful! OK, enough wedding stuff…back to CLE…

Saturday night, we headed out to downtown Willoughby for dinner with CLEfriends at Lure Bistro.

Lure has a fabulous outdoor dining area and delicious sushi. Plus, downtown Willoughby is always a fun spot for lots of great restaurants, bars, and people-watching.









Lure has a great cocktail menu and I enjoyed the Red Raspberry martini, made with fresh raspberry puree. Next, I started my meal with a traditional seaweed salad. CLEguy chose the kani salad and I was very jealous of his choice: seaweed salad was topped with a fresh avocado and crab meat and covered with a soy reduction. Delicious!

We split the chef’s tasting plate, which, as you can see, provides a ton of great sushi. Aside from the traditional options, the plate also include cajun tuna nigiri and a Firecracker Roll. This roll had tuna, avocado, wasabi peas, and hot sauce. It was definitely a firecracker!

Our CLEfriends selected scallops and shrimp scampi ravioli for their entrees – both of which looked and smelled fantastic. For fabulous, fresh seafood and sushi on a fantastic patio, it doesn’t get much better than Lure!

On Sunday, CLEguy and I met up with Team Poise in Parma at my new go-to brunch spot: Deagan’s Kitchen. Two of my favorite things about CLE – blends and great food – in one place!

CLEguy tried the deviled eggs (good, but he still gives the win to the ones from the Washington Place patio party) and the Amish chicken and waffle. I went right for the lobster mac & cheese. This is my second time trying one of Deagan’s mac & cheese creations and I was not disappointed. The cheese was mild and creamy, the pasta was perfect, and there were large chunks of lobster throughout the dish. The salad added a nice, fresh touch to the plate. I also will not be hungry for about another day or so…

Also seen on our table: a seasonal veggie omelet, steel cut oatmeal with berries, drinks from the Bloody Mary bar, eggs, home fries… There was so much good food and so much great conversation! I always have fun with Team PIP and I always have fun at Deagan’s, so this was a total win as a start to our Sunday.

Feeling the need to burn off our brunch calories, CLEguy and I then headed to West Orchards Farm Market for pick-your-own strawberries. In a matter of 40 minutes, we picked 20 pounds of stawberries!

Talk about a great way to enjoy fresh, local, healthy food! The season is short, so check it out soon. There are a lot of local farms that offer fresh berry picking and it’s another great reason Why CLE? Strawberry picking is a lot of fun, it’s easy (promise), and you end up with things like fresh strawberry pie afterwards (so about burning off calories…)!

All in all, another fantastic weekend in the books. What new answers to Why CLE? did you discover this weekend?

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  1. Alicia, love all things on your list, except #1. We need to remedy that soon. That is all.

    Katie, we did buy all 20 pounds! We sliced and froze about 2/3, then kept some out for snacking (and the aforementioned pie).

  2. Catching up on my blog reading from this week (which is why you’re getting this comment when it’s almost the next weekend – yikes!). Love Momocho and sad I haven’t been to Deagan’s yet because I loved their plates at Silver Spoon and Chef Jam.

    They served this Three Birds dish at Chef Jam that was fantastic — sausage and mushroom in quail in pheasant and rock hen. Awesome!

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