Why? Weekends!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Hot in CLE weekend! CLEguy and I started off our weekend at the St. John Vianney parish festival. I love all the local festivals this time of year around CLE. St. John Vianney’s festival had games for kids and adults, bounce houses (sadly only for kids), live music, good food, wine tasting and more. My favorite part of the festival was the duck races. Seriously, they had little ducks running from one end of a cage to another. Ducks apparently have difficulty going in straight lines though or not getting distracted and just stopping or turning back around.

After watching the duck races, we grabbed some BBQ chicken and ribs and listened to the band cover all the hair band 80’s hits you could possibly want to hear.

CLEguy nomming on some ribs

A nice, relaxing start to the weekend and a reminder that I need to get to more festivals before the summer is up!

Saturday morning, we got up bright and early for the Ohio Blogging Association meet-up at the Run for the Pierogies. This 5K around Tri-C’s Western Campus in Parma benefitted the American Cancer Society.

Quite the group of CLEbloggers/runners showed up.

Me, Becoming Rooks, Hip & Healthy, Poise in Parma, MojaMala2, Finishing Firsts, & Hungry in Cleveland

In attendance were bloggers from:

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It was a hot day and around the halfway mark of the race, I really just got in my head about how I didn’t feel good, I wasn’t running well, and so on. I ended up dropping out at the turn and needing some serious comforting from CLEguy. I’m telling you this because I learned two very important things from Saturday’s race:

1. If you don’t prepare, you won’t do well. I know I didn’t run nearly enough leading up to Saturday and the combination of physically not being in the best place to run and mentally beating myself up for not preparing ended up spelling out an early end to my race.

2. Trust your friends to be understanding and empathetic. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t finish the race, but no one seemed to care or make a big deal out of it. As CLEguy pointed out, I can expect more of myself (in terms of finishing the race), but I shouldn’t expect less of them (in terms of being understanding). I’m pretty lucky that in such a short time, these fab blogger folks have become such good friends!

I bucked up enough to enjoy post-race pierogies with the lovely Poise in Parma. That lady can always make me smile! Plus, win lose or draw, we all contributed to the American Cancer Society by running, which is a great thing!

I also have to give a huge shout-out to Clue Into Cleveland, who ran her first 5K in some brutal weather!

After the race, we headed to Luna’s Deli for breakfast and chit-chat about everything from the race to CLE to food. It was especially great to catch up with Becoming Rooks: she and I went to high school together and hadn’t seen each other since then!

The rest of our weekend was pretty low key – a BBQ with CLEfriends on Saturday evening and some shopping with CLEmom on Sunday. Hope you’re all staying cool! What new answers to Why CLE? did you discover this weekend?

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  1. I am proud that you got out there! You have come so far already this year with running. Everyone has “that race”. Sad I missed brunch, bt the thought of food was not appealing. I was so not “Hungry in CLE” after that run. I even took my Honey Hut home for later.

    1. Thanks lady! You are a major running inspiration for me and your encouragement really helps. Missed you at brunch, but you definitely needed time to just rest and recharge after that race.

  2. It definitely happens to the best of us. At least you were there and tried!! And now you’ve learned so next time you’ll rock that race! Sounds like CLEguy knows what he’s talking about – you got a good guy there. 🙂

  3. It was so good to see you!! You did awesome in my book – you got out there and that’s what matters. You still lapped everyone still in their beds on that hot morning! I even thought about dropping out myself after the first loop. Next time we’ll order better weather. 🙂

  4. I think we ALL wanted to drop out after that first loop – I was thinking about it myself! It’s amazing the things you learn about yourself when you DON’T succeed. You’ll take that moment and remember it for your future races.

    …and that pic of me is ridic. I just wish I could have eaten some of those things. Gotta work on a gluten free pierogi this summer…

  5. It was good to see you again and hang out at brunch! Everyone has one of those races, it’s no big deal at all! And I’m sure you weren’t the only one that day. The important part is getting back out there and doing it again 🙂

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