Why? Weekends!

***A bit of blogkeeping: I had to redraw a winner for one set of the Vintage Ohio tickets. The new winner is Tracy! Congratulations! Please email me at whycleblog@gmail.com with your address and I will mail the tickets to you.***

Friday night, I got home from work to discover we had no power. Not being patient and craving pizza anyway, I convinced CLEguy to abandon our hopes for a homecooked dinner. We headed to Mama Roberto’s instead.

This is such a great little neighborhood Italian restaurant, with checkered tablecloths, a Chianti bottle on each table, and warm friendly service. We started our meal with some fabulous, buttery, pull-apart garlic bread. I also had a cup of the Italian wedding soup, which was traditional and delicious. CLEguy started with a side salad, which was heavy on the cheese, but unfortunately light on the olives and tomatoes (only one of each in the whole salad!).

For our entree, we decided to split the Rocco pizza, which features stuffed peppers as the topping. The sauce was delicious – hearty and slightly sweet. The crust was not too heavy, but still stood up to the toppings. The peppers were some of the hottest we have ever eaten. I highly recommend removing the seeds and making sure you have plenty of water nearby when eating this pizza. While the Rocco pizza was good, more even distribution of the peppers and a bit more cheese might have helped moderate some of the heat. We forgot to order some of Mama Roberto’s amazing cannoli before we left, so I see another visit in our future soon.

On Saturday, CLEguy and I spent the day at Cedar Point.

We’re pretty lucky to have one of the world’s top amusement parks so close to home! But even better than the fun and thrills that Cedar Point offers are the memories it evokes. For those of us who grew up around the Cleveland area, we inevitably have memories of family trips or excursions with friends to Cedar Point. I tweeted the question of “what’s your favorite ride at Cedar Point?” Most of the answers were the older roller coasters – from Blue Streak to Gemini to Iron Dragon. These are the first roller coasters we ever rode and while the adrenaline rush might not compare with Millenium’s, they still hold favorite status.

What’s great is being able to go back year after year and not only relive those memories, but also make new ones, like hiding from the rain or eating the world’s largest ice cream cone from Toft’s.

Sunday morning, we made a quick stop by Poise in Parma HQ. What ensued was nothing short of golden fuzz craziness, as the CLEpups and the VP of Fuzz got acquainted:

After our stop to visit the PIP folks, we headed to Secor’s Nursery and Farm Market.

We went blueberry picking, which is much easier than strawberry picking! The blueberry bushes were close to six-feet tall and had plenty of delicious berries to grab. In about an hour, the two of us picked nine pounds of blueberries, which will make for tasty snacks, a delicious pie or two, and some blueberry smoothies. For a great smoothie, just take orange juice, plain yogurt, fresh blueberries, and honey and blend. Yum!

While at Secor’s, we also stocked up on summer squash, zucchini, and new potatoes. I see some good dinners in our future!

All in all, another fun and fabulous CLE weekend! What new answers to Why CLE? did you discover this weekend?

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  1. That Rocco pizza looked good, but I agree with you that they should have spread it out a bit more. Did the menu or server mention the peppers were going to be hot? Do you know what kind of peppers they used?

    Also, I haven’t been to Cedar Point in so long….I can’t wait for my 6 year old niece to get a little bigger because she loves riding rides and I’m sure we’ll take her there.

  2. Oh Cedar Point! I have to say Millennium is my favorite roller coaster because it took me so long to get over my fear of coasters as a kid. And Millennium is one of the few rides that I still get a little nervous over.

    With that being said, my favorite part of Cedar Point isn’t the coasters but visiting one of the best arcades I’ve ever been to and riding the train through the park.

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