Why? My 7 Links!

There’s a meme making it’s way around blogger land these days called “My 7 Links.” The idea is that you dig up posts from your blog in each of seven categories and share those links. You give air time to posts that may have been hidden for awhile. It gives your readers a chance to see what you think about what you write. It’s cheesy and fun and I was very excited when Poise in Parma tagged me yesterday to carry on the My 7 Links meme.

1. Most Popular

I just went according to the WordPress stats on this one. My three most popular posts (all very close in hits):

1. The Why CLE Challenge!

2. Why? Painesville!

3. Why? Washington Place!

2. Most Beautiful

Now I can be subjective! First, I think “Why? Jamaica!” was a beautiful post.

Not just because Jamaica itself is beautiful, but because I feel the sense of relaxation and happiness that I brought back from that trip came through in the post. I was calmer, more centered, and reinvigorated for everything from work to blogging. I think that feeling came through in the post.

My other most beautiful post has to be “Why? The Love of My Life!” There’s something about writing a post less than 12 hours after you got engaged that makes it impossible not to be happy and bubbly. I’m so glad I wrote that post as part of the memories that surround our engagement.

3. Most Controversial

There hasn’t been a whole lot of controversy here on Why CLE?, which is OK with me. If I had to pick one, I’d say “Why? Deciding to Move Past the Decision!” was the most controversial. I was certainly more nervous about posting that than I usually am about posting. The Decision and its aftermath still sparks strong and passionate discussion, so wading into that fray was a bit intimidating. Even so, I stand by my opinions on the subject!

4. Most Helpful

“Why? 31 Days of Loving CLE!” was the wrap-up to the Why CLE? Challenge. I took answers that I heard over the month of the challenge, as well as my own answers, and compiled a list of 31 things to love about CLE. It was a great reminder for me of all the fantastic things going on in Cleveland. And hopefully it opened your eyes to some new or neglected reasons to love living in CLE.

5. Surprise Success

The response to the Why CLE Challenge blew me away. It’s not just that the post got a lot of views and comments. It’s more that the people who took the challenge of finding one thing you love about CLE every day for a month really took it. People wrote daily tweets and weekly blog posts about the challenge. You all really embraced the spirit of the Why CLE Challenge and made that month such a fun one for me (from the blogging perspective).

6. Not Enough Attention

This is a tough one. I’m still wowed by the fact that someone other than CLEmom and CLEguy read this. So, any attention is fine with me. But, if I have to pick I’ll say “Why? Blog-olutions” didn’t get enough attention – from me! I had this great list of things I wanted to do this year and I definitely haven’t made as much progress as I hoped. But, the year’s not over right?! Maybe you guys can pick your favorite blog-olution and get me back on task!

7. Most Proud

Without question: “Why? Home (My Story)!” is the post of which I’m most proud. Not only did I open up in a way I hadn’t before on the blog, but my story resonated with a lot of you. The feedback from that post was truly heartening. To be able to not only share myself, but to share something that touched others is something I truly cherish.

So, now I’m supposed to tag 5 other bloggers to share their 7 Links. So, here we go:

1. Stephanie from Hungry in Cleveland

2. Amanda from Clue Into Cleveland

3. Moja from MojaMala2

4. Jen from No Day is So Bad…

5. ClevelandChick from Happiness is a Hot Pierogi

Have fun!

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