Why? Prioritizing!

I had a fun “Why? Weekends!” post ready to be written – all about exploring Columbus with some of my favorite girls. However, last night we found out that my Great Aunt passed away. And I find myself unable to write the fun, light-hearted post I had planned.

Why blog at all? Because this really is cathartic. I’ve said time and again how surprising that is to me, but it makes it no less true.

CLEgrandpa and his sister still talked fairly often. By talked, I mean one would call the other to gossip about the kids and the grandkids: who worked where, who was dating whom. They would usually squabble like cats and dogs (being an only child, I only have empirical evidence to tell me this is fairly typical of siblings and is really done with love). I can remember, when we lived with CLEgrandpa, him setting the phone down when she would call, wandering away, and coming back to say “uh-huh” every once in awhile. He mostly did that to make me laugh. But at any rate, they stayed connected. They were family.

I wasn’t particularly close to my Great Aunt. Sometimes it’s not so much death’s impact on your own life, as it is the impact on the lives of those around you. CLEgrandpa, who in my mind is still the big strong bear of a man he was when I was a child, sounds sad and small and scared. He’s the last of a generation now. The bigger struggle with this loss is being confronted with his mortality.

As cliched as it surely sounds, take the time while people are still here. I’m truly blessed that when it comes down to the last of a generation, CLEgrandpa is still here. I need to appreciate that more. I need to remember that carving out time for a phone call or a dinner is worth whatever gets rescheduled for it. Hug those you love, call someone you haven’t talked to in awhile, and take your Grandpa out to dinner. It might be Red Robin instead of The Greenhouse, but it’s surely worth it.

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  1. Beautiful post. It’s hard when you realize that it takes a death of a loved one to remind you to reach out to those you love just as dearly. Let me know when you and grandpa hit up Red Robin – we love those damn french fries…

    All my love to you and yours. You know I’m here if there’s anything I can do.

  2. Very nice post – I remember with my own Granny, it’s difficult to see a grandfather or grandmother lose a sibling. But CLEGrandpa sounds like he has an awesome granddaughter who will support and spend a lot of time with him to help him through. If you need anything, let me know. See you soon!

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