Why? Weekends!

Good morning, CLE! Hope you all had fantastic weekends! Friday evening, CLEguy and I headed to Vintage Ohio to eat, drink, and be merry. It was a perfect night to wander through Lake Metroparks Farmpark sipping on vino.

First, we met up with some CLEfriends and one of my blog contest ticket winners, @tracyf523.

We headed right to the tasting tents. I was really impressed by the size of the festival. There were several large tasting tents, with multiple wineries per tent. Around the outer rim of the festival were food vendors, arts and crafts vendors, and music stages. No matter where you were at the festival, you could hear some sort of music.

Some of my favorite samples:

Old Mill Winery’s Grindstone Red

Vinkolet Winey’s Cincinnatus

St. Joseph Vineyards’ Riesling

Candlelight Winery’s Sangiovese

Emerine Estates’ Seduction (a truly unique blend of pinot noir, coffee/mocha, and cherry)

One very unique find was Grape and Granary’s Jalapeno Pepper wine. This white wine had a distinctly jalapeno pepper bite. While I can’t imagine drinking a whole glass of it, I can believe it would be wonderful for cooking. In fact, every bottle includes 20 recipes! Another great find was The Lounging Gourmet’s Elixir. These are floral infusions to be used in cocktails, iced tea, lemonade, and sodas. We sampled both the English lavendar and the Andean fire orchid elixirs and were impressed with how delicately sweet and flavorful they were.

I also got to meet Madison from the Lake County Ohio Visitor’s Bureau, who sponsored the Vintage Ohio ticket giveaway. For dinner, I decided to forego our CLE food trucks (who were represented in force) in favor of Sue’s Pierogies. This was a mistake. I ordered the “Polish combo.” This consisted of one potato pancake, a mound of cabbage and noodles, and (only) one pierogi. I would gladly have traded some cabbage and noodles for more pierogi. Oh well! I did get a picture of the CLE food trucks – Jibaro World Eats, Umami Moto, and Zydeco Bistro – who were offering wine and food pairings:

All in all, Vintage Ohio was a fantastic celebration of Ohio’s wines and a must-attend event for us next summer!

The rest of our weekend was relatively low-key. In fact, Saturday night, I tweeted:

Sometimes the unscheduled days make for great living, even if they make for less-than-great blogging. Last night, we kicked off CLEguy’s birthday celebration (his big day is today) with dinner with the CLEparents.

Whoa - that's a lot of candles (kidding, sweetie)!

Another great weekend in CLE…what new answers to Why CLE? did you discovery this weekend?

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