Why? Pier W!

So, this post is a bit delayed, but I’ve been a busy, busy blogger with lots to tell you about. Last week, we celebrated CLEguy’s birthday at Pier W. This is honestly one of the most breathtaking restaurants in the area. If this view doesn’t make the case for why we need more lakefront development, nothing ever will:

There is something about enjoying a fantastic meal with a view of the water and the skyline that just enhances the entire experience. We started out our meals with cocktails and oysters.

CLEguy and I both tried the basil martini. We both were impressed with the fresh basil taste, but the simple syrup made it a bit too sweet for CLEguy. I also recommend the Pier W – a delightful combination of vodka, champagne, and Chambord. Also, for you wine lovers, Mondays and Tuesdays feature 30% off select bottles of wine.

The oysters were delicious and served with a Bloody Mary cocktail sauce and a cucumber mignonette. The cocktail sauce needed a bit more zip, but the cucumber mignonette added a great tang to the oysters.

As the sun set over Lake Erie, we debated our entree options, as just about everything on the menu sounded fantastic. CLEguy chose the seared diver scallops and I selected the pan-roasted haddock.

The scallops were perfectly cooked and incredibly tender and delicious. They were served with a potato and basil risotto and fennel and sweet onion marmalades. The risotto was the most interesting component of the dish. Instead of the typical risotto texture, this was small cubes of potato in a delicious pesto sauce. Absolutely yummy, although not what you usually expect from risotto.

The haddock was served with lobster mashed potatoes, lobster and lemon butter sauce, sweet peppers, and asparagus. I loved everything on this plate. The lobster mashed potatoes had large chunks of lobster and the sauce was slightly creamy and completely fantastic. Haddock is a mild white fish and it’s flaky texture melted right into the sauce and potatoes. I enjoy fish and would have liked this dish just as much with a meatier fish, such as swordfish or mahi mahi. That said, the haddock stood up to the other components surprisingly well.

Being a birthday and being us, we couldn’t pass up dessert. CLEguy had the white chocolate Godiva cheesecake and I had the blueberry lemon Napoleon.

The cheesecake was rich and creamy. The berries complimented it perfectly. And the little chocolate Happy Birthday sign was perfectly Pier W – classy. The blueberry lemon Napoleon was the perfect summer dessert, even though when trying to slice through it, I shot a blueberry across the table. The lemon custard was light and refreshing, the pastry was crisp and flaky, and the entire dish was a great combination of tart and sweet. It was also the perfect size – big enough to satisfy, but small enough to fit after all the other food!

All in all, Pier W provided a wonderful setting for CLEguy’s birthday celebration. The fantastic food, gorgeous views, and attentive, yet unhurried service make this a must-go-to restaurant (again and again).

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