Why? Puppypalooza!

Hi, Why CLE? readers. CLEpup here. I wanted to tell you about my fun night at the Indians game. Yup, I got to go to the ballpark for Puppypalooza, sponsored by the Indians, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s Pick Up Poop (PUP) campaign, and the Cleveland Animal Protective League. As a rescue pup myself, I give the APL two paws up!

First, I got to walk around a fair. I didn’t win any prizes though. My mom tried to get me to go into the puppy pool, but I was a little scared of it. Then came the puppy parade around the field. I thought this was my big chance to help out the Tribe – the people say they need some #batmagic – so I tried to get into the dugout and the bullpen. Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play!

Look at me, I could be center field

After the parade, we headed up to the Budweiser Pavilion, which was where all the pups were for the night. I saw lots of other dogs that I had to make friends with. One knocked over my water bowl, but I stole his puppy treat, so it all worked out.









Here I am with my mom and dad. I’m not much a lap dog, but I wanted to see what was going on, so I had to sit up there. People all kept howling like the dog next-door for this one player. I think his name was Chew.

This nice lady kept coming around with treats and I had lots of water, too.

Then my mom said we had to go meet Slider. That Slider is the strangest dog I’ve ever seen.

I talked to my new friend Jet about it and we both agreed that Slider passed the sniff test – eventually. My mom knows Jet’s mom, so we can be friends too. I also got to see my Aunt Beth and Uncle Enzo.

Then, mom and dad got these:

They ate most of these things, but I still got to taste some. They were better than my puppy food.

Pretty soon, I got really tired and had to take a nap.

I love my Tribe, even though people said they didn’t win. Sometimes I don’t win at tug-of-war, but it’s OK. Maybe if they had let me play too…

I hope my mom and dad take me to the ballpark again!

***Disclosure from CLEgal: I was offered two human tickets and one dog ticket to attend Puppypalooza in the (relocated for the event) Social Suite. Much thanks to @tribetalk for the opportunity. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Or CLEpup’s, as it were. And yes, I am a crazy dog lady.***

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  1. LOVE IT! Super cute! What a lucky pooch. I thought for a minute about taking my little princess but she does not play nice with others so we all stayed home. I will show her Clepup’s post so she can see what she missed. She will be REALLY sad when she sees there was FOOD there! ha ha Great job!

  2. This is pretty much the best post ever, and it would be even without the mention of Jet. (Though Jet is very excited to be part of Why CLE!) Seriously. Cutest thing ever. “I think his name was Chew.” !!!

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