Why? Fahrenheit!

The other night, CLEmom and I had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Tremont: Fahrenheit. Sometimes it can be hard to stand out in an area so saturated with great places to eat, but Chef Rocco Whalen consistently delivers delicious, inventive cuisine in a cozy, lounge-like atmosphere.

We started by splitting a pitcher of Raspberry Crav.

This delightful concoction is a mix of Cleveland’s-own Crav vodka, raspberry puree, lemonade, and simple syrup. It was the perfect blend of tart and sweet.

Next we split potato “nachos” with goat cheese fondue, thyme, scallions, and bacon. Just that ingredient list alone should make your mouth water!

The nachos are thin, spiral-cut potatoes, fried until crispy. The potatoes are then covered with a creamy goat cheese sauce with an appetizing peppery bite. Fresh herbs and bacon top off this fantastic appetizer. The sauce was lighter than I expected, enabling me to eat even more nachos. By the time we got to the end, the last potatoes had lost their crunch, though – we’ll just have to eat faster next time!

For our entrees, CLEmom selected the pork tenderloin and I chose the fennel sausage ravioli.

The pork was coated in mustard and coffee and served on top a bed of maple glazed sweet potato. Garlic spinach and toasted macadamia nuts added spice and crunch. This dish was surprisingly sweet, even in bites without the sweet potatoes. The pork was incredibly tender and the sweetness really worked with this dish.

The fennel sausage ravioli was delicious. The pasta was light and perfectly cooked. The fennel flavor came through in every bite, but the cheese and the olive oil flavors still managed to shine. Topped with roasted red peppers and bitter broccoli, this dish put me squarely in the clean plate club.

Despite being stuffed, we decided to split dessert…

We chose the chocolate lava cake, served with Tahitian vanilla ice cream and chocolate whipped cream. The ice cream, whipped cream, and cake together made for one heavenly bite. The cake was very rich and I’m definitely glad we split this sweet treat.

Fahrenheit stands out among Tremont restaurants for its fresh, delicious fare, with a focus on local ingredients. The service is relaxed and cordial and the atmosphere is luxurious, yet comfortable. What a great place to spend an evening!

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  1. Haha, I love that you were stuffed and got dessert anyways. I do that all the time. Or I order something small just so I can eat dessert. It’s the most important meal, right?

  2. Jenn

    One of Cleveland’s best! Even has a stellar happy hour in the bar! Thanks for sharing some of the other menu items! If they ever have the kobe beef sliders as a special, you must try them!!!

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