Why? Weekends!

This weekend was all about crossing things off my “30 for 30” list. In fact, I managed to cross off 3 items in one night!

On Saturday, I went for a birthday dinner with CLEguy and CLEparents to L’Albatros Brasserie and Bar (#5 on my “30 for 30”).  I have literally never had anything less than a fantastic experience at a Zack Bruell restaurant, so I couldn’t wait to try L’Albatros.

With our beverage order, I also managed to begin on #15 on my list:  drink more champagne.

Having received a lot of recommendations, we knew ordering the French toast appetizer was a must. We also selected the escargots, the goat cheese tart with olives and sundried tomatoes, and an appetizer special of duck and foie gras sausage.

The French toast was amazing and my favorite of the bunch. The sweetness of the French toast mingled with the earthiness of the mushrooms to create an absolutely amazing flavor. The fresh greens and cheese on top just added more depth to the dish.

The escargots and goat cheese tart were well received around the table. Not being a fan of olives, I’ll have to take everyone else’s word on the tart (this may be the only time I’ve ever passed up goat cheese).

The duck and foie gras sausage was delicious and the flavors of both really came through. The lentils didn’t really add much to the dish, however.

For our entrees, we all selected something different, so we could share around the table.

I chose the veal short rib, served over risotto. The veal was fall-apart tender, with a wonderfully rich flavor. The risotto complimented the meat perfectly and the flavors of both shone. CLEguy selected the skate wing. The skate was light, flavorful, and perfectly cooked. It was paired with a layered vegetable tart that was a wonderful accompaniment to the dish. CLEmom and CLEdad each chose variations of scallops: a special with butternut squash risotto and the menu entree with broccoli fettucine. Both were delicious, but my preference was the fall-inspired flavors of the scallops special.

For dessert, CLEguy and I couldn’t pass up L’Albatros’ legendary cheese board.

Our server was an expert and took us through each of the varieties and made great recommendations. From a goat’s milk cheese from Spain to Cremont (a creamy cheese from Vermont) to an awesome pecorino romano, we savored every bite. Paired with delicious bread and with a blueberry compote to cleanse our palates, we were delighted with our dessert.

L’Albatros may just have to be a recurring event on the “30 for 30” list. From fantastic food to wonderful service to cheese to die for, it was a perfect meal!

And just when I thought that was plenty for an evening, CLEguy and CLEparents surprised me with a birthday gathering of friends at Stone Mad Irish Pub.

It was such a lovely and unexpected surprise! We spent the evening sipping on Southern Tier Pumking and catching up with friends. I also got to cross the third item off my “30 for 30” list: #26 Finally try LaBella Cupcakes. Yup, my party included a ton of delicious cupcakes from LaBella, including dark chocolate raspberry, Guinness, apple pie, and pumpkin spice. Delicious!

I also got some additional help with #15 (drink more champagne), as my friend Beth gifted me with a bottle of bubbly!

It was a wonderful evening of crossing things off my list. At this rate, I’ll be done with my “30 for 30” in no time! And hopefully all my crossings off the list will be this much fun! Hope you had a great weekend, CLE!

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  1. Happy birthday – again! Extended celebrations are the best. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the party but I’m glad you got to accomplish so many awesome things on your list in just one weekend. 🙂

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