Why? Melange!

Last week, CLEmom and I found ourselves in Beachwood and decided to check out a restaurant where I’ve been wanting to eat for awhile: Melange. I had been to Melange for Dinner in the Dark, but never for a regular dinner. We started with cocktails: a Blueberry Carnival Lemonade for CLEmom and a French Martini for me.

For appetizers, the goat cheese fondue was a must. We also split the calamari.

CLEmom is on a mission to try calamari at every restaurant in CLE that serves it. Melange’s calamari is spiced with dill and served with house made spicy ketchup and whole grain mustard. The breading was light and the dill, ketchup, and mustard added interesting flavors not usually paired with calamari.

The goat cheese fondue was amazing: smooth, creamy, and mild. It paired perfectly with the fresh fruit and toasted bread it came with. Although we did end up eating a lot of our “table” bread with the fondue in order to soak up more cheesy goodness, CLEmom noted that the fondue “would be good on a thumbtack.” Perhaps a new serving suggestion?

For our entrees, CLEmom chose the Braised Short Ribs and I selected the Farmer’s Pasta with Shrimp.

The braised short rib was delicious and tender and the sticky glaze made for a unique topping. While the dish was salty, it wasn’t overpoweringly so – it was salty in the way you expect Asian, soy-sauce based food to be.

The Farmer’s Pasta with Shrimp was a bonanza of freshness!

Vegetables sourced from local farmers are paired with wheat pappardelle, aglio e olio, and shrimp (you can also add chicken or salmon or get the pasta just with the veggies). The vegetables in the mix included lima beans, tomatoes, peas, and red peppers. The dish was lightly dressed and seasoned and truly let the flavors of the vegetables shine through. This is something I would order again and again, especially as seasons and vegetable availability change.

CLEmom and I both had half our entrees to take home with us and reports from CLEdad and CLEguy were that the leftovers were just as yummy the next day as what we enjoyed that night.

Because CLEmom and I never met a dessert we didn’t like, we split Linda’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and Milk. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this dessert benefit cancer research and family support, so how can you pass that up?

The cookies are fluffy and soft, stuffed with mini chocolate chips. The presentation of cookies and a tall cold glass of milk is comforting, unusual in a restaurant with such fancy food (and fancy other desserts), and thoroughly delightful. The leftover cookies went over really well too!

Our service was unhurried, which is how we wanted the evening to go. All in all, Melange provided a delicious meal in a pretty, contemporary setting. Check them out if you haven’t already or head back soon for more yummyness!

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  1. I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed your experience! I love the boys at Melange, and have always had nice meals there. The goat cheese fondue is worth the drive over from the west side! The bad reviews lately have made me sad, so I’m thrilled that you had a good time and liked your meal.

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