Why? Weekends!

Happy Halloween, CLE! Hope you all had a fun and festive weekend!

On Saturday, CLEguy and I met up with my dear friend Beth and her husband to celebrate Beth’s 30th birthday.

Beth and I being 30

We started with dinner at Parallax Restaurant and Lounge, because you can never go wrong spending your birthday with Zack Bruell. After a round of creative and delicious cocktails (I recommend the Pear 75), we shared an order of the Short Rib potstickers.

The dipping sauces were served on the potstickers, making the wrappers a bit soggy and salty for my taste. The short rib had an excellent flavor, though.

For our entrees, I chose the scallops and CLEguy chose the mahi mahi.

The scallops were served with Brussels sprouts, pork belly, and sweet potato spoon bread. The scallops were perfectly cooked – seared brown on the outside, but still tender. While the dish only had three scallops, the hearty accompaniments made this a filling meal. The Brussels sprouts were delicious and you could still taste the true flavor of this oft-maligned vegetable. The sweet potato spoon bread was a real seasonal treat – the texture was like that of a corn bread and it was sweet without being overly sweet.

CLEguy’s mahi mahi was served over a bed of sticky rice and green beans, with a light coconut curry sauce. Again, the dish was cooked perfectly and the flavors of the curry were subtle enough to allow the flavor of the mahi mahi to come through.

Chef Bruell was at Parallax that night and, by virtue of the restaurant’s open kitchen format, we were able to see the care that Chef Bruell took with each plate before it was served. Such attention to detail is one of the reasons dining at a Zack Bruell restaurant is always such a wonderful experience!

For dessert, the couples each shared a slice of the chocolate mousse cake – layers of chocolate cake and chocolate mousse, topped with fresh berries. I wonder if Parallax’s pastry chef would do our wedding cake?!

After a fabulous dinner, we headed to Tremont Tap House to meet up with some more CLEfriends. I always love the vibe at Tremont Tap House, relaxed and friendly, with ridiculously good beer. I found a new favorite that night: Tripel Karmeliet from Belgium. You can never go wrong with me with a Belgian beer!

All in all, a wonderful birthday celebration for one of my favorite people! Happy 30th, Beth!

On Sunday, CLEmom and I met up with Poise in Parma, PIP Mom, and PIP Aunt Kathy for a raucous, rowdy, chatty, hilarious lunch. I think there may be a reason Bar Louie sat us in the back corner…

We had a wonderful time talking everything from husbands and family to shopping to much more. I also found out Aunt Kathy is my birthday twin, so no wonder I felt an instant kinship with her! It was a great way to end the weekend, spending time with a lady who has become such a great friend and two ladies who helped make her who she is.

What new answers to Why CLE? did you discover this weekend? Since my weekend was very un-Halloween, tell me what you did to celebrate!

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  1. I’m really REALLY jealous of your Parallax meal. I still need to finish my Tour de Bruell there!!

    We all had a blast on Sunday! It was great getting to know your mom better. I think the next mother/blogger meetup might need to be at a martini bar based on where some of those conversations were going!!!

  2. I am totally going to get the scallops – soon! Sounds like a perfect meal. I <3 Zack!! Sounds like a great weekend! I was in Columbus for the OSU game and visiting one of my best friends. We weren't very Halloweeny either although we did get to see a ton of great costumes! Did the required visit to Pistacia Vera and brought home some amazing treats – no tricks!

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