Why? Lessons from CLEpups!

Hi guys! CLEpups here. Our mom seems really tired this week, so we thought we’d help her out. She says she likes to write inspirtational stuff on Fridays. We don’t know about all that, but we thought we’d tell you some stuff we’ve learned being pups.

1. If a squirrel is in the tree, you might not be able to see him just looking straight ahead. Try looking from a different angle.

Wrong Way


Right Way - You can see all the squirrels now

2. Just have fun. So what if your ears are too big and your tail is too long? Run around and grin and no one will care.

3. Always take a friend along. They make your adventures better.

That’s the stuff we think you should know. It’s pretty important. Have fun and pet a pup (or two) this weekend!

Love, CLEpups

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