Why? Five Things this Friday!

Happy Friday, CLE! I’m feeling like a hodge podge post today, so here are my five things this Friday:

1. Happy Veterans Day to all the brave men and women who selflessly served our country. We are all in your debt! Make sure you thank a veteran or two today…I know I’ll be calling CLEgrandpa as soon as I’m done with this post!

Thank a Vet!
2. We had our first snowfall, CLE! Observe the adorableness of one of the CLEpups checking it out. Pups in the snow almost make winter worthwhile! By the way, it’s supposed to be almost 60 and sunny tomorrow…that’s Cleveland weather for you!

3. On Monday, CLEguy and I met up for dinner with some brand-new-to-CLE folks at Bar Cento.

Over a carbalicious meal of beers, Sunnyside pizza, beer-steamed mussels, and rosemary fries, we chatted about their excitement for exploring CLE.

One half of the couple – Lane – is a blogger who has been chronicling her explorations in her new city. Check it out! Also, while we were there, CLEguy and I were interviewed by 19 Action News for their Food Wars series, talking about the deliciousness of Bar Cento’s fries!

4. This picture, from my friend Beth’s recent wedding, just makes me giggle. This is me and one of the groom’s cousins/best men walking into the reception. Clearly, we are professional dancers. The song we walked in to, in case you couldn’t tell, was “Party Rock Anthem.” Every day I’m shufflin’…

5. A lot of bloggers – Finding the Time, Happy in CLE, i heart cleveland – have posted about this song, but it bears repeating as my 5th thing this Friday. Patrick Stump and Lupe Fiasco have created quite the awesome song with “This City” and I have to tell you, I get a little choked up when I hear it. CLE is my city for life – uh uh – for life – uh uh – for life!

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