Why? Weekends!

Hope you all had a great weekend, CLE! Friday night, CLEguy and I did one of our favorite Friday night things to do – went over to our CLEfriends’ house for board games and take-out. This is always a fun, low-key way to end the week. This time, we had Chinese food from Chin’s Pagoda, with lots of sweet and sour chicken, pork lo mein, and orange chicken to share.

Saturday, we met up with the CLEparents to wander around the Fabulous Food Show. From chef demos to shows to food and wine tasting, the Food Show has a little something for everyone. CLEguy and I were lucky enough to win tickets to attend the show from Positively Cleveland’s blog contest, so thanks to them!

Some of our favorites from the show? Seeing my high school classmate and current Food Network dessert diva Anne Thornton.

Jennifer’s Nicely Spiced Olive Oil. There were a lot of different olive oil booths at the Show, but these were by far my favorite. Well-spiced and tasty, we took home the chili pepper and garlic and basil.

Kiedrowski’s Bakery. When a bakery sign spells “paczi” correctly, this Polish girl knows she’s found something good. We sampled (and took home) the “snoogle,” a light pastry dough twist with cream cheese filling and a butter glaze.

Snagging some “Muttkins” from Annie’s Pooch Pops – all natural dog treats – as a take-home snack for the CLEpups.

Seeing Chef Kimberly McCune, who we first met at Emerging Chefs ReHival. She had a table full of honey treats, plus told us that ReHive Ale is close to starting distribution!

The Grand Tasting Pavilion. The $10 admission to this separate section of the show is well worth it for 6 tasting tickets and a wine glass. CLEguy and I stuck to big, bold reds and found some new must-buys. This year there was also a chocolate tasting area. I tried a dark chocolate with cinnamon and ancho chile – perfect with red wine!

Yes, that is Santa in on the right. No, I don't know why.

All in all, another fun year at the Fabulous Food Show! Did you attend? What demos or shows did you see? What booths did you love?

Sunday morning, I got up bright and early for yoga class. I’ve found this is a great way to start my day and, really, my week.

A pose I can do, even as a newbie

This week I learned that we really do bring all our “emotional junk” into class with us and, sometimes, we can find really good ways to work through it. Sometimes class just makes us more aware of it, but that’s not a bad thing either. Our teacher reminded us that this will only become more prevalent as the stress of the holidays wears on us. It’ll be interesting to see where my practice goes over the next month or so…

Finally, today is CLEpup’s adoption anniversary! I got this fabulous fuzz from a shelter 2 years ago today and it is truly one of the best, most-spontaneous decisions I’ve ever made!

Picking up CLEpup from the shelter

So, that was my weekend CLE…a little relaxing, a little eating, a little om-ing. What new answers to Why CLE? did you discover this weekend?

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  1. What a great weekend! Congrats on the 2 year adoption anniversary – what a great decision that was for all of you! And special Muttkins for the occasion too. : )

    Can you believe I’ve only been to the Fav Food Show once???? I’m glad I got a peek of it from this post. Thanks!

  2. Wow, Chins Pagoda! We used to eat there every time my aunt returned home to Cleveland. I still live nearby, but haven’t gone there in years. Was it still good?

    I was really disappointed in the Fabulous Food Show. I’ve gone every year and really want to support that type of show here. However, the number of real food vendors (I don’t count knives and cookware, though those fit in okay) have diminished each year. And, the prices have increased, as you can no longer reserve the main kitchen stage floor seats for $25 like you used to. I also noticed a lot less people wandering around yesterday- the IX floor and the stage shows seemed quiet. I’m sad to see what the show is becoming and now get greater satisfaction out of wandering through a North Union Farmer’s Market. I hope I’m wrong and that they can turn things around, but I wouldn’t pay to attend that show any more.

  3. Awesome that you found Kiedrowski’s at the Food Show. I happened to stop by their store in Amherst for some treats Sunday morning. I must have picked up on a vibe.
    And, along with Snoogles and Paczki, they have a cool bacon concoction – a bacon-covered creme stick that’s really good.
    Worth checking out.

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