Why? Giving Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, dear readers! As we put our eatin’ pants on and get ready for time with loved ones, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what I’m grateful for in my life:

CLEguy, who makes every day better and more joyful. He’s the kind of man I used to only imagine existed and the kind of love I wasn’t sure I’d ever find.

My family, who are unfailingly loving and supportive and generally wonderful.

Friends near and far, who make life rich and fun and happy.

Health, for myself and my family. Between my gallbladder surgery, CLEgrandpa’s time in the hospital, and more, we haven’t had the easiest time health-wise. But everyone is generally healthy and well now.

Living in this amazing city. I can be nothing but thankful every day that life’s adventures brought me back to CLE.

Image Source - cleveland-cpa-firms.com

You, dear readers. The chance to share my love of CLE with you and the opportunities to get to know you are extraordinary.

Image Source - csgraphi.wordpress.com

Have a happy, fun, safe, blessed Thanksgiving! What are you grateful for this year?


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