Why? Weekends!

Good morning, CLE! As we wake up from our food comas and calculate just how many spinning classes it will take to burn off eating pumpkin pie for breakfast, let’s look back on the holiday weekend that was…

Thursday, CLEguy and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my family. This is one of my favorite meals to prepare. It’s a ton of work and a lot to coordinate, but when you can make things taste the way your family always remembers them tasting, that’s a pretty cool thing.

We actually started the cooking on Wednesday evening, making pumpkin pie and pumpkin squares. CLEguy made homemade pie crust, which was the perfect compliment to my great grandma’s pumpkin pie recipe.

For the big day, we had turkey, stuffing (called najifka by this good Polish girl), dumplings and sauerkraut, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, corn casserole, green bean casserole…we were stuffed like a turkey!

As much as I love fancy, different, interesting cuisine, this is one of those days where the old family recipes need no enhancement. I don’t want the latest Food Network craze…I just want Thanksgiving the way it’s always tasted.

Friday morning, CLEmom and I ventured out for another holiday tradition: Black Friday shopping. We start later and later each year – no more 4am at Kohl’s for us. We get less and less accomplished each year – unless you count finding adorable riding boots an accomplishment, which I do. Here are a couple snaps from the madness:

Super festive elf/Mrs. Claus at South Park


The shoe department at Nordstrom's...hold me, I'm scared

I love the day after Thanksgiving because I finally turn on the Christmas music and start my favorite time of year. Although I’m not usually doing that in weather that is 60 degrees and sunny!

On Saturday, CLEguy and I started to decorate inside and out for Christmas. While we still need to select our tree, most everything else is ready for the season. Note CLEpups watching from the door, like they’re part of the lights display:

Casa de CLEguy and CLEgal

Sunday, we went to CLEguy’s dad’s house for Thanksgiving Round 2. Thank goodness for having a couple days rest in between the eating. Everyone contributed to the dinner, with turkey, stuffing, cranberry/raspberry sauce that I literally crave, butternut squash and more.

My favorite part of the dinner was seeing my niece-to-be, who is turning 1 tomorrow. I got to hold her when she was just minutes old last year.

And now she’s quite the little kiddo!

All in all, it was a perfect holiday weekend! How was your Thanksgiving?

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  1. My Black Friday shopping included going to Costco – no craziness there. I stay FAR away from the hard core shoppers that day!! I wish I was cooking turkey this weekend – I love to make it and all the fixings. Next year I’m going a Turkey Day Part 2 so I can cook…and have all the leftovers! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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