Why? Light Up Beaujolais!

Wednesday evening, CLEguy and I were invited by Miss WineOH to a unique wine tasting event. Hosted at Miss WineOH’s pad, this tasting involved all Beaujolais wines.

As we tasted the wines, people from all over the country were also participating in tasting the same wines and live-tweeting their thoughts. The tweet chat was moderated by one of the winemakers, so it was a great way to get inside information on the wines, pairings, and more. You can search for the Twitter conversation under “#beaujolais.”

Aside from Miss WineOH and her significant other, @FrankZupan, we were also joined by Eat*Drink*Cleveland, @sedavenport, and @davenma. Our first pairing was a 2010 Christophe Pacalet Chiroubles served with baked brie, topped with raspberry jam and wrapped in puff pastry.

The wine by itself was overly fruity for me, but paired with the brie and raspberry jam, it was delicious!

Next up was a 2009 Domaine de Colette Regnie, paired with charcuterie and olives.

The Twitter conversation was abuzz about the “funky” smell of this wine. I could get past the smell, but couldn’t get past the soapy/perfumey taste. Even when paired with the smoked gouda and sopprasetta, it still just didn’t work for me.

As Miss WineOH reminded us, wine is different for each person and what I love, you might not and vice versa.

Our third wine was a 2009 Chateau de la Chaize Brouilly, paired with prosciutto-wrapped camembert.

Both the wine and the cheese dish were to die for! The Brouilly was smooth and easy to drink, alone or paired with the prosciutto and cheese. At only $14 for a bottle, this wine is getting added to our dinner rotation. The camembert was topped with sage, wrapped in prosciutto and baked to perfection.

Finally, we sipped a 2010 Pavilion de Chavannes Cote de Brouilly. Miss WineOH paired this wine with chicken and an apple/lime/pepper salsa. The spice and citrus bite in the salsa paired perfectly with this wine.

This was CLEguy’s favorite wine of the evening. At $22 for a bottle, it’s still reasonably-priced for a great, complex wine.

Miss WineOH’s kitty, Gage, also enjoyed some of the savory treats, although he was happier with me when I gave him chicken instead of apple.

Miss WineOH will be posting all her recipes from the evening, so be sure to check out her website. I know I’ll be making some of the delicious treats we had that night!

Those four wines concluded the “Light Up Beaujolais” tasting, but Miss WineOH had a treat for all of us. She paired a 2007 Markko Johannesburg Riesling – an Ohio wine – with a pumpkin cupcake from A Cookie and a Cupcake.

The sweetness of the Riesling paired perfectly with the slight spice in the cupcake. The guys finished the evening with a Scotch night-cap and the ladies with more wine.

All in all, a fabulous evening of wine, food, and friends! I can’t say enough about the Miss WineOH events: well-planned, tasty, relaxed, educational, and fun! Check out Miss WineOH for information on upcoming events in the new year.

***Disclosure: I and a guest were invited by Miss WineOH to attend this private, invite-only tasting. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***

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  1. It was so nice to see you and @CLEguy this week. @HimselftheCat might have been the “special guest” of the evening… he certainly made himself comfortable with all of you – begging from your plates. 😉

    We had so much fun getting everyone together for this twitter tasting. Hope to see you at more of them in the future. @mojamala2 and @poiseinparma – would love to have you at one of my events after the new year!


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