Why? Weekends!

As we nurse our food and drink and present-induced holiday hangovers, I thought I’d do a recap of my CLE holiday weekend. This post doesn’t involve going to a fabulous restaurant or spending an evening on the town. It’s all about time and traditions shared with some of my favorite people.

On Friday, CLEguy and I spent the day at home, baking cookies and wrapping presents.

We made thumbprints, meringue with crushed peppermint and mini chocolate chips, shortbread, and anise cookies.

As a break in the holiday busy-ness, we stopped over to visit some CLEfriends and their adorable little ones.

Friday night, we snuggled up by our Christmas tree to watch “White Christmas” and enjoy some special Christmas beers we picked up at Lizardville: Hopping Frog Frosted Frog and Lager Heads Winter Mischief.

Saturday, we headed to my parents’ house for Christmas Eve dinner. My family continues the Eastern European tradition of having a meatless Christmas Eve dinner. We call it “Poor Man’s Meal” and it consists of simple breaded yellow Lake Perch, mashed potatoes, and creamed peas.

It’s a delicious meal that I find myself craving around the holidays. Plus, I love keeping a tradition alive! After dinner, some games, and dessert, we went to midnight Mass, another of my favorite holiday traditions.

The next morning, we got up bright and early to open gifts with my family. My first Christmas surprise was one of my favorite ones ever… You all know the song “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas,” right? Well, I tend to sing it a lot around the holidays, so CLEguy actually got me a hippo of sorts.

Yup. that’s CLEpup, dressed in a puppy hippopotamus costume, complete with a pink tutu. It was the funniest Christmas gifts I’ve ever received!

Beyond that, I must have been a very good yogini, because I got quite the yoga gear haul from lululemon.

From a new mat to yoga pants and tops to a yoga block and strap from some of CLEguy’s family, I can’t wait for my next class!

After opening gifts with my family, we headed to CLEguy’s family for Christmas Round 2. The excitement and chaos of the kids opening presents and throwing paper everywhere is exactly what Christmas is supposed to look like!


We got back home pretty beat from all the holly jolly festivities and I got to try out another favorite present: feetie pajamas!

Yup, they are as warm and comfy as they look! CLEguy knows me too well!

It was an absolutely wonderful, busy, traditional, perfect Christmas. And no matter what gifts were under the tree, I know I’m blessed with the best gift in the world: lots of love!

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend! How did you celebrate?

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