Why? Happy New Year!

Whew! What a year, CLE! There’s been a lot going on for Team Why CLE? (and even more to come in the next year). It’s been a fun, crazy, exciting year and I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings.

Cleveland has also had quite an exciting year!

From the highs and lows of cheering for our sports teams…

Image Source - landloyalty.com

to the first year of a new county government structure…

Image Source - cleveland.com

to watching some of our favorite chefs on national TV…

Image Source - poptower.com


Image Souce - poptower.com

to the continuing revitalization of our neighborhoods…

Image Souce - clevelandpublicart.org

to the rise of the food truck…

Image Source - freshwatercleveland.com

to the building of a new aquarium, Medical Mart and casinos…

Image Souce - rgi-intl.com

Cleveland has had quite the 2011! I know that there are great things, challenges, victories, and lots of fun to be had in 2012 in our favorite city. I can’t wait to see them unfold!

Happy New Year, CLE! Happy New Year, dear readers!

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