Why? Blog-olutions 2.0

This is the time of year for making resolutions, as evidenced by my overly crowded, never-that-many-people-there gym. So, I thought I’d see how I did with last year’s blog-olutions and make some new ones for this year.

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Last year I wanted to:

1. Sign up for a Twitter account and create a Facebook fan page for the blog.  – Done and done!

2. Meet up in “real life” with some of the other fabulous CLE bloggers I follow.  – I definitely did this and I am so glad I did. From the official Ohio Blogging Association meet-ups to the dinners and girls nights out,  folks I’ve met through blogging have become wonderful friends.

3. Take one of my personal goals (doing the Couch to 5K program) and turn it into a way to see more of CLE. – Even though running ultimately wasn’t for me, I did run through the streets of downtown CLE in the Cleveland Marathon 5K.

4. Volunteer with a CLE-based charity. – I haven’t done this yet. Boo to me and definitely something to work on this year.

5. Finally, finally, finally eat at Melt. –  Done, both east side and west side.

6. Spend a weekend at an Ohio City bed and breakfast. – This didn’t happen either and is still on my to-do list.

7. Shop at least once a month at The West Side Market. – Fail. I could blame the convenience factor, but really, I need to get to the Market more often.

8. Attend more CLE cultural events. – I did pretty well with this. CLEguy and I went to see Burning River Brass near Christmas and also went to an orchestra concert at Blossom for the Fourth of July.

9. Interview at least one CLE celeb for the blog. – While I didn’t snag any celebs, I got to interview some great CLE-ers doing inspiring things, like Shibani from Secondhand Mutts, Christian from Run 4 Autism, Joe from We Run This City, and Stephanie from Liver Life Challenge.

10. Continue to daily discover new answers to “Why Cleveland?” – Definitely accomplished!

So, what to do for this year? I’m holding over the blog-olutions that didn’t get accomplished last year. But, in addition (and inspired by your comments as to what you’d like to see on Why CLE?), here’s what I hope to do on the blog in 2012:

1. Post about fun things in the ‘burbs. Sure, we all want to support CLE proper. But there are a lot of fun places to go and things to do in our surrounding suburbs.

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My plan is to take a suburb (and a resident of that ‘burb), get a little tour of great places to go, and tell you about it. Already in the works are Parma, Avon Lake, and Lakewood. If you want to volunteer your ‘burb (or tour guide services), let me know!

2. Post about more wallet-friendly CLE things to do. A lot of the amazing events in town can be expensive. Instead of just posting about the “splurge” events, I want to find more of a balance: tell you about $20 events, as well as $100 events. Find fun places to go that won’t break the bank.

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As much as we all love a fancy night out, the norm for most of us is every now and then, not every day. Hopefully I can open your eyes (and mine) to ways to enjoy CLE on a better budget.

I hope these new additions to Why CLE? will enhance the blog and expand my knowledge of and love for CLE.

What new year’s resolutions (or blog-olutions) did you make?

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  1. The burbs have so much potential. I am overwhelmed by how many there are and how each single one could be a day-trip in itself!

    I love the idea of featuring more budget-friendly events too. Or even if there are discounts or coupons for events you can point readers toward that would be cool too.

    Of course I still keep the $100 events in the back of my mind for someday…

  2. You totally have to do University Circle — I can give you a virtual tour! I guess our Case address was technically Cleveland, but the circle has so many amazing things! Ohhhh or how about a Case hangouts post? I could tell you all about the fav spots from Little Italy and Coventry!

  3. You should come out to Medina! Ice Fest is Presidents Day weekend and gives you a great opportunity to experience the local businesses on the Square. If not they have an international festival during the summer, a Farmers Market every Saturday morning. Fridays are also great as you have Rally in the Alley with cover bands or walk a block over to hear the Medina Community Band on the square. Maybe hit up a Medina B&B during the summer 😉

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