Why? CLE Chefs on the Food Network!

Cleveland chefs have been having a pretty great run on the Food Network. Michael Symon represents our city well with Iron Chef America and Food Feuds (and now The Chew on ABC). Chris Hodgson spent two seasons running around the country on the Great Food Truck Race with Dim and Den Sum and Hodge Podge Truck.

But, did you know more CLE chefs are about to get their turn in the spotlight?!

Jonathon Sawyer of The Greenhouse Tavern and Noodlecat will be appearing on Iron Chef America on Sunday, January 22, taking on Iron Chef Zakarian. The show will air at 9pm on the Food Network.

Image Source - teamsawyer.eventbrite.com

The Greenhouse Tavern is hosting a tweet-up to show the city’s huge support for one of our most talented chefs. All the tweet-up (and recently released tweet-up standing room only) tickets have been reserved, but if you’re watching and tweeting from home, you can show your support by using “#TeamSawyer” in your tweets.

Chef Rocco Whalen of Fahrenheit and Chef Kimberly McCune of Hungry Bee Catering are also getting their doses of fame. They will be appearing on a Food Network reality show called “Fat Chef.” The chefs work with a nutritionist and a trainer to get in shape and lose weight.

Image Source - emergingchefs.com
Image Source - cleveland.com

The show premieres on Thursday, January 26 and, according to a Food Network release, the CLE chefs will be on the episode airing February 2 at 10pm. Chef Whalen is known as one of Cleveland’s most respected and well-liked chefs. Chef McCune is one of the most likable people you’ll meet and is an awesome representative for female chefs in CLE. I know I’ll be watching and cheering their journey.

It’s not often that I suggest you stay home and watch TV, but in these cases, it’s well worth it to support your fabulous CLE chefs! Will you be watching these shows on the Food Network? Were you lucky enough to snag a ticket to the #TeamSawyer tweet-up?

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  1. Crystal @EatDrinkCleveland

    Sooo excited! We have such an amazing culinary community in the CLE+. Luckily grabbed a Tweetup ticket before they were gone -thankfully was up early ony last day of vacation. Fat Chef is a must watch for me too. Kimberly and Rocco are awesome!

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