Why? Five Things This Friday!

It’s time for another “Five Things This Friday,” otherwise known as not-quite-long-enough-to-be-their-own-post. Also, last night I thought of 5 and can currently only remember 3, so this may be interesting…

1. I had dinner last night at the always-fabulous Match Works Tavern. If you’re looking for respite from the sea of chain restaurants nearby, it’s well worth checking this place out. For the month of January, Match Works has a 3 for $30 deal. You get an appetizer, soup, or salad to start, an entree, and a dessert for $30.

Last night, I had the pumpkin soup

the veal ravioli (which were more like veal pierogi in size and shape…and when have I ever not loved a pierogi?)

and the apple cobbler.

2. My adorable niece-to-be has started walking. I am very proud and consider her the smartest child alive.

3. Tuesday, January 17, Miss WineOH is hosting another wine and cupcakes tasting. The event starts at 7pm at the Olde Wine Cellar in Olmsted Falls. Six wines will be paired with six mini cupcakes for a delicious experience! Tickets are $30 and can be purchased here.

Image Source - misswineoh.com

4. Pier W was recently ranked among the Top 20 Restaurant Views in America by the Daily Meal. Check out the article here. Any season of the year, Pier W offers gorgeous views of CLE and outstanding food, so check it out again (or for the first time)!

5. I’m still completely blank on #5. Happy Friday the 13th, dear readers!

Image Souce - wabbitholemachi.com

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