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We got a touch a chilly weather as we headed into March this weekend, but that didn’t make it any less of a great weekend! Friday night, CLEgrandpa came out to see the new house. For dinner, we decided there was nothing like the Cleveland Lenten staple of the church fish fry.

We headed to St. John Vianney – where we’re getting married – where, for $11, you get access to quite the buffet of meatless munchies. From breaded or baked fish to pierogies to mac ‘n cheese to clam chowder to french fries to corn, we ate until we were stuffed.

I love the adorable ladies serving up the food, too.

They definitely don’t know what a small portion is and that’s OK! Fish fries continue all over Northeast Ohio for the month of March. Check out this guide of great local fish fries or just pop by somewhere local to experience the food and the tradition.

Saturday morning, I finally returned to my yoga mat after a two-week hiatus during the move. I also went to a second class on Sunday morning. As a tip, if you haven’t done yoga in two weeks and then go to two classes in a row, you may find your legs giving out on you…probably in the middle of Warrior 2.

On Saturday evening, CLEguy and I headed to Toth’s Place for good friends and good burgers, courtesy of our friend Brian’s BurgAlicious Burgers.

Brian debuted a new burger that CLEguy had to try: the grilled cheeseburger. Think of a cheeseburger, but replace each bun half with a grilled cheese sandwich. Wow! I stuck with the bacon cheeseburger, personally. Brian’s burgers are always tasty and delicious and you can order them to make at home! Great for summer (or nearly spring) BBQs.

After a couple Great Lakes Brewing Conway’s Irish Ale, I decided to try one of the video games near our table.

Let me just say that I have zero skill in shooting buffalo, but everyone got a lot of entertainment out of me trying.

On Sunday, our friends B & E came over to see our new house and then we headed to Willoughby Brewing Company for lunch. Our beer choices ran the gamut from Railway Razz to Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter to Oatmeal Stout to Gutterpup Porter and they were all tasty.

I decided to warm up with the butternut squash soup to start my meal.

The soup was fantastic and the best part was the light and frothy cinnamon cream on the top. It’s probably dangerous that I live close enough to have this on a daily basis.

Next, I chose risotto crabcake appetizer.

This is a huge crabcake! While it was tasty, for me, the flavors were a bit too mild and I would have liked bigger chunks of crab in the mix.

CLEguy chose the BeerBQ Pulled Pork.

The sauce is made with Willoughby Brewing Company’s own Pale Ale. The pork was tender, there was plenty of sauce, and I loved the fried onion straws too. Definitely a great sandwich!

It worked out to be a very close-to-home weekend, with all our destinations right around our neighborhood. That was a nice change of pace for us, since we’re normally all over the place! What are some of your favorite local hang-outs? Hope you had a great weekend, CLE!

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